The obligatory first-day-of-school post

August 24, 2011

I post this, as I have posted others, because one day I will be attending their high school graduations. And I will want to look back on this beautiful, glorious, independence-blossoming, confidence-bearing morning. Here’s to my bloomers.

Perfect Moment Monday: The Promised Land

April 17, 2011

Tessa and Reed each took up something new this Spring. Which means that Roger and I did, too. Reed, born into the Red Sox Nation (his dad’s bloodline), is now spending two hours a week developing his skills to possibly be a  contributing member of that nation someday (or just to have fun). And Tessa […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Shiny things

March 27, 2011

This is on my nightstand. No reason . ~~~~~ We’d made a deal, Tessa and I. If she could go four days in a row without any arguing with me — not over clothes, homework, TV, eating, bedtime, bathtime or anything else — she could get her ears pierced early for her birthday. (Secretly I […]

Do over: “I’m a bastard, right, Mom?”

March 24, 2011

As you may recall from my last post, Tessa and I began a conversation about the meaning of the words bitch and bastard. We covered the terms and I was feeling confident. Until she said the words expressed in the title of this post. That means I’m a bastard, right? Though it was clear there was […]