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And the shamrock goes to…


Erica (Parenthood for Me) with this limerick:

I once was scared of the gyno
Now I’ll drop my pants for a rhino
When bad time are worse
There’s blogs like the mrsch
Or instead I can just be a whino

I, for one, will drink to that.

Kymberli’s and Terra‘s poems had lots of fans, too — a valiant contest all the way around. I declare all three of them Limeristas Extraordinaire.

Erica is celebrating the finalization of her son’s addition to her family today. Hop on over and tell her double congratulations. And check out how Erica helps others to build their families.

Thanks to each of the entrants and finalists — we’ll do it all again next year!

Happy St Patrick’s Day, peoples.

Limerick Chick Contest 2009 is now open

I almost missed it, but I remembered just in time.

I hereby open the 3rd Annual Limerick Chick Contest.

Mid-March is time for all things green and Irish. And what could be more Irish than wordplay that is also eponymous with a county in Ireland?

Niobe of Dead Baby Jokes won in 2008.

A blogger whose name is Niobe
Said, “Look, my name sounds like Nairobi
It isn’t ni-OBE
Doesn’t rhyme with microbe
And if you don’t like it, then blow me.”

Kristen at Sticky Bean (now at Sticky but Sweet) won in 2007.

There once was a group of ladies
Who set out to go and make babies
They became Stirrup Queens
Or so it would seem
Until they all wound up with scabies!

Who will be the winning limericist for 2009?

What you need to know:

  1. Use the limerick form, as in Hickory Dickory Dock.
  2. Mention at least one other blog or blogger, with a link to his/her blog.
  3. Up to 3 entries per person.
  4. Enter by 8 pm MDT on March 14. There may be a primary vote on March 15 (depending on the number of entries), with a final vote on March 16. The winner will be announced on St Patrick’s Day.
  5. You don’t need to be a blogger to enter. If you have a blog, please use Mr Linky (below) to link to the limerick on your blog. If you do NOT have a blog, leave your limerick as a comment.
  6. You need not be part of the ALI community (Adoption/neonatal Loss/Infertility) to enter. ALL readers of this blog are welcome to enter, and the subject matter is wide open.
  7. Post the Vote Button on your sidebar as well as in your limerick post to encourage others to enter/vote.

There is a prize. The winner will get a hot-off-the-press Navigating the Land of IF: Understanding Infertility and Exploring Your Options by Melissa Ford (available June 1). Or an equivalent amount to spend on

Go n’eiri an t-adh leat (luck o’ the Irish to you).

And the shamrock goes to…

We have a Grand Champion Limerick Chick of the Uterus. I mean Universe!

The competition was fierce. We had surrogacy. We had fertility meds. We had risque (and hilarious) language. We had dozens of new blogs to check out. Find them all here.

By a teeny-tiny margin (2 votes), however , Niobe prevailed.

Pop on over to Dead Baby Jokes to congratulate her.

Niobe‘s winning entry
A blogger whose name is Niobe
Said, “Look, my name sounds like Nairobi
It isn’t ni-OBE
Doesn’t rhyme with microbe
And if you don’t like it, then blow me.”

A huge round of bloggy applause for all the other Limerick Chicks who sent in their very clever entries. Voting for only one was truly a tough call. You ladies rock! And here is my tribute to you.

The limerick chicks are so beautimus
Composing poems on a computerus
They say “Do whatever you want
With words, images and font
Just no more messing with my hoohahooterus!”

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone.