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Perfect moment

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It’s one of those pre-Spring days, where there is snow along the roads but the sun is shining warmly, melting away all the gunk from past weeks.

I have just dropped my kids at my sister’s house after their morning at school. Tami and I trade babysitting duties on occasion, and as I back out of her driveway, I realized I have three free hours. Three. Free. Hours.

The sun through the windshield warms my face and brightens my soul. I am driving west, and the purple snowcapped mountains kiss the bright blue sky. The colors are vivid in the clear air.

Queen is on the radio asking Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? and soon Freddie Mercury is crooning about killing a man and earning from Beelzebub his very own put-aside devil. And then he gets existentially nihilistic: Nothing really matters. Anyone can see. Nothing really matters to me. (Anyway the wind blows.) ((((gong))))

It feels glorious to be alive. Life is gooooooood.

(This version was filmed live at Wembley Stadium. Bohemian Rhapsody starts at 1:00.)

TTC songs: My battle of will with God

Was/Is there a song that symbolizes your journey to become a family?

Here’s mine. I was scared to pieces for the TTC procedures, which we were having done while living in a 2nd world country. I listened to this song over and over again while trying to build up my courage to subject my body to all sorts of risks and pain (brave I’m not).

While I wasn’t facing a literal death, it sure felt like I was.

This song is from Jesus Christ Superstar, where Jesus is first angry at God, and then accepting of God’s will. The orchestration is amazing, as is the soul-wrenching voice of Ian Gillan of Deep Purple.

Man. I’ve got a lump in my throat.