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Perfect Moment Monday: Labyrinth

Do you know the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? The best explanation I found is that “a Maze is multicursal, or a series of paths with dead ends and can be quite frustrating. A Labyrinth is unicursal, meaning it has only one path and no dead ends.”

I spent the moment of autumnal equinox* (9:44 am, MDT) in a labyrinth on a walking meditation.

(The Carousel building in the old Elitch Gardens — click to make bigger).

Since taking energy classes with Ethel, I have tried to meditate on the solstices and equinoxes and feel the rhythm of Mother Earth and her place with Father Sky. Here is a diagram I carry in my head:

The wave represents energy itself (vibration and ripple are two other physics and metaphysical terms), and it reminds me of the significance of the parts of the cycle: the two extremes and the midpoints. (You could superimpose the four weeks of a menstrual or moon cycle here as well.)

Today is the day the earth is at the in-between point. A time of change. A time to become fluid and open to the path ahead.

As I walked, I felt a few moments of connection and peace. I practiced tonglen, breathing in fear and anxiety held by myself and others, holding them a moment in my heart and transforming the fear into love energy while breathing out. I was able to focus for, well, I don’t know for how long.

It was a beautiful string of Perfect Moments. Not because of what happened to me, but because of what happened in me.

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1. Susan found her get-up-and-go.

2. JV sees his future life pass before his eyes as he shares a baseball game with his son.

3. Martha poignantly eases a child’s burden by remembering his father.

4. Luna and her husband are the bread in a borrowed-baby sandwich

5. Ms Planner feels her momishness in a deep way. Look at the photo and just try not to go, “Awwwwwww.”

6. Furrow finds perfection in peforming a civic duty: “today, the voter registration drive I helped organized registered over 100 new voters. Yay! Doing it again tomorrow, too. Pretty perfect, I’d say.”

7. Yours?

* Cheers to my friends in the southern hemisphere who greeted their vernal equinox today.


If you haven’t had enough about mindfulness yet, here is an announcement I got for an online event called, “Lucid Living:Waking Up to Life” with Timothy Freke. It’s tomorrow, September 23rd, starting at noon PDT (3 pm EDT) and lasting 2 hours. It’s only $10.

Here’s the description:

Are you sleepwalking through your life, afraid to wake up? Have you lost touch with the awesome vastness and possibilities of life?

Tim teaches you:

  • the hidden message at the heart of all the world’s great spiritual traditions
  • the three key insights that will help wake you from your dream to enjoy the ecstasy of being
  • a simple technique that will enable you to experience your essential oneness with all things
  • the pivotal role of big love in alleviating our personal and collective suffering
  • how you can become a key player in our collective awakening
  • For more info, or to register through Hay House, click here.

    Perfect Moment Monday: paper happy

    I am paper happy. Like paper pregnant, but with emotions instead.

    If you look at my life on paper, I should be happy. I won’t enumerate, but regular readers know I have plenty of reasons for contentment and even joy.

    Yet I’m not feeling it. Today is the day of the week I make a point of noting a Perfect Moment. And this week I have not been receptive to having one.

    I had a paper Perfect Moment yesterday morning that involved sleeping in, french-pressed coffee and newspaper delivered to my bedside, four-in-a-bed with tickles and giggles, and then a yoga class. Sounds perfect, no?

    Still, I was not receptive to it. I was not happy. I feel propped up. If I really felt my feelings, I am afraid I would not get out of bed. And I don’t have that luxury.

    I last felt this way about 10 months ago. Just awash in unexplained, non-localized melancholy.

    This too shall pass, right?

    I am just starting the Perfect Moment Monday movement, so I can’t quite take a break now. I truly hope that some of you can report your own Perfect Moment to buoy those of us who momentarily can’t.

    Leave a comment this week with a link to your Perfect Moment, or the Moment itself. I’ll move up to the body of this post as the week goes by.

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    Now. Tell about a time this week when you were aware of the perfection of your life, warts and all.


    1. Wordgirl: This week after W’s hockey game — and strangely, after a lot of X drama — her husband out of town, juggling the baby and W — a meltdown over ill-fitting hockey gear — after it had all settled down and we were helping her load her car, her gorgeous baby — I was holding the fleece blanket with little hockey pucks and sticks all over it — and W leaned against me and hugged me, and my arm reached to pull him close. I was talking to X and she was talking to me and G was putting his two cents in — and W did it again, leaned against me and hugged me. Just knowing I was there.

    That was a perfect moment — lots of warts I suppose with our blended family and all — but it was perfect.

    2. Antigone: driving into D.C. yesterday and seeing the Capital building as I topped a hill.

    3. Beth turns 30 and finds perfection in a cheesy gesture by her husband.

    4. Lollipop Goldstein and her children revisit an emotional time and cap the day with ice cream treats.

    5. Martha‘s transcendent moment occurred when one of her patients was encouraged to Make a Wish and is now getting full tuition to a university with access to snowboarding.

    6. JMD: My Little Man, who’s 2, fell down the stairs on Thursday. He broke his left collar bone. My perfect moment (after the tears) was on Saturday. Little Man and I were sitting on my and daddy’s bed watching movies with him cuddled up against me.

    That was my moment. Knowing it was all going to be OK and even though he hurts I can still make him feel better.

    7. Karen, with motherhood just days away, notices a kind gesture from her husband.

    8. Kami: Camping with friends. Sitting around the campfire Sunday morning, listening to the crackle of the fire and watching the coals. A friend took LB so I could go pack up my tent. After sitting in the shade the sun hit my face. I was momentarily baby-free and could feel the lightness of not carrying around an extra 13 pounds, but knowing she was just a few yards away kept my heart light and happy.

    More than a moment, I suppose, or just several stacked on top of each other.

    9. Susan‘s journalism students launch a website that details refugee stories in South Africa. She is proud of the project that captures the faces and voices of people struggling against all odds.

    10. Marge in Real Life (whom I got to meet last Friday) has an unexpected “free” weekend to include new friends, a free new book (courtesy of Mile High Mamas), and incredible breakfast in bed.

    11. Ms Planner got to go to yoga after a very loooooong (and productive) hiatus. Down Dog!

    12. Live music, just enough beer for a buzz, and not having to get a babysitter? See Luna’s high note.

    13. Millie can say on her birthday, “Life is good. Really good. I’m really really happy.” Not because her life is perfect, but because it’s HERS. How great is that?

    14. Shelby has a Perfect Moment at school, just by listening wisely and unconditionally.

    15. MB‘s Perfect Moment is captured in an image. Click over, because words can’t do it justice.

    16. Little Angel Kisses gets thanked by a birthday boy.

    17. Melissa combines her Kiwi and an un-Colorado-like landscape to make her version of a Win.dows background.

    18. Yours?

    Perfect Moment Monday: The Upwelling

    Back home again after the events of the past week.

    First, for those of you wondering, Gino is doing well. He has been an incredible support this week to those who need it most.

    Second, here is a Perfect Moment from this sorrowful week. “Perfect” for me today is synonymous with”overflowing,” for that is what I felt a few days ago.

    The minister dismissed us as he ended the short memorial service.

    Unexpectedly, one of the Tweens (age 11) stood up and went to the podium. “Wait,” he asserted. “I have something to say.”

    And he read a letter to his dad. It included love and questioning and some anger. He moved the microphone to his level and looked out at the people who were there for him. He held the room as well as any million-dollar speaker does. His timing was impeccable — we hung on his words, and even found reasons to laugh with him. He managed in his P.S. to work in an off-color quote from Slingblade and make it seem okay within the walls of the chapel.

    There was not a dry eye.

    I had lumps in my throat, in my chest, in the center of my head. I had lumps in my lumps. It was all I could to do keep them from exploding.

    My Perfect Moment lies in his courage and clarity, and in how he completely broke open my heart.

    1. Martha has two Perfect Moments: one with a 13 year-old, and one regarding the splendor of nature.

    2. Susan, so not a girly-girl, celebrates the start of football season with a memory.

    3. Amber says her Perfect Moment was “this morning with all of us piled in our king-sized bed snuggling, playing and talking about our day ahead. No matter what mud is slung during the day, ours always ends together talking about it on our bed.” Mmmmm. Delicious. (And you should check out her gourds.)

    4. Courtney has a daily double: (1) she reconnects with and old friend, and (2) she realizes, amid heavy burdens, just how strong she is.

    5. Yours…?

    Write up your Perfect Moment anytime during the week, and leave your link in the comments below. I’ll keep moving the links up to the body of this post.

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    Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then.


    Sending out my gratitude to Amber, Andy, Anna, Antigone, Beth, Cassandra, the Casual Perfectionist, Catherine, Cathy, Chicklet, Courtney, Crystal, Deanna, Denise, Excavator, Furrow, Gabrielle, Geohde, Kim, Kristin, Leslee, Loribeth, Luna, LJ, Lollipop, M, Martha, Mary Beth, Meghan, Melissa, Michell, Millie, Mrs Spock, Ms Planner, Nancy, Pam, Phoebe, Robin and Sue, Steph, and Tammy.

    Your support, love and light are even now having rippling effects in the lives of my loved ones and me.

    Namaste, my friends.