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My Son, the Dentist

If you saw my last post, you know that our home had a recent visit from the Tooth Fairy.

We were having a family dinner after Tessa and I returned from our road trip. Tessa’s tooth had been snaggly for about a month — sticking almost straight out in front.

Roger and I kept checking the tooth for its readiness to come out. After dinner, Reed asked to check, too. Tessa opened up.

More quickly than can be described, Reed popped the tooth out and blood was everywhere. Tessa was so shocked that she swallowed the tooth before she even knew it was out. She felt it in her throat. That and the blood, freaked her out.

Which made Reed freak out. He felt awful for being the cause of all that blood.

The bleeding stopped and we calmed them both down. After a few minutes we were all able to laugh about it. The kids have enjoyed telling the story to classmates, teachers, grandparents and other relatives on the phone ever since.

My question to you is: how much would you put into retrieving the tooth? I’ve been saving Tessa’s teeth, planning to give them all to her some day, and I was chagrined to lose this one. I actually thought about donning big rubber gloves and finding that sucker. Would you?

The opportunity has passed, by the way. And I didn’t get the tooth.