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…quickie updates, that is.

1. My dad is home and out of the hospital. You may have seen at the bottom of my post over the weekend that as he was taking my children to church, he experienced chest pain. (Coincidentally, it was as he was lifting Reed to carry him into Palm Sunday service.)

Because he’d had a heart attack last spring, my mom immediately took him to the hospital, where he spent 6 hours in the ER and overnight in Telemtry. No test they gave him indicated heart damage, so we’re grateful it was likely just a muscle twinge from hoisting my growing son.

2. Tessa’s surgery (mentioned here) is over. We spent much of yesterday at Childrens Hospital for some extensive dental work: two extractions, two crowns and some sealants. The only tough part was that she didn’t want to drink the Verced prior to the rest of the procedure. Silly girl. I tried to demonstrate for her but “Dr Sleep” (as they called him) wouldn’t let me partake.

I was able to stay with Tessa until she went under with the “banana gas” (which she also fought — the only part of the day where I cried). She woke up 3 hours later with an IV in her hand — a “straw under her skin to feed her water” — and she was even cool with this.

Tessa’s most challenging personality trait is also her saving grace. She is resolute (read: stubborn) to the point of being supremely resilient. She simply decided she was going to be OK, and she was. She woke up cheerful at 5:45 am for the trip to the hospital, remained cheerful until the Verced showed up, and woke up from the surgery cheerful. Except for the moments at the tail end of a dose of Motrin, she’s remained cheerful for a full 24 hours now.

She made this ordeal OK for herself. I could learn from her. I fretted for 3 days last week over a simple blood draw.

Navel gazing for Chicklet

Chicklet tagged me, thereby saving me the hard work of thinking of a topic to write about. Her answers were great, so go on over and read about Chicklet. Then come back to indulge me.

The rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
3) Tag at least three people.

Now you can witness my navel gazing (which may not be quite as fun as naval gazing):

1. I like to sleep in an L-shape. As much as I love sharing a bed with Roger, I secretly delight when he gets up an hour or two earlier than I do. Then I can stretch out my legs while lying on my side, usurping his formerly occupied sleeping space.

2. I am drawn to other things that start with L. We adopted through Lutheran Family Services. The lady who does my taxes is named Linda LaLxxxx. My kids go to a school that starts with “L.” Even thought I’m right-handed, I prefer the word “left.” Ls are luscious.

3. I hate having my hands dirty or yukky. I wouldn’t mind having them hermetically sealed.

4. I classify colors as “boy” colors (blues, greens, browns, blacks, greys, purples) and “girl” colors (reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, whites). When I was a small child I thought everyone had the same schema , and I was surprised to find they didn’t.

5. I have lived in Japan, Syria, and Spain. I have visited Egypt, Jordan, Oman, France, Germany, Andorra, Lebanon, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, The Vatican, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas. And I’m not in the military.

6. Apparently I think in 5s.

Tagging Excavator, Mrs X, Working Girl and MB. Let’s see if you can out-quirk me.

My Freebie List

Well, my big angst today is that I am angst-less. Thus I have nothing significant to write about/process publicly.

So, instead, I’m going to do a list and invite you to do the same. Remember that episode in Friends when Ross approaches Isabella Rosellini for a date, even though he is involved with Rachel at the time? Isabella had been in the running on Ross’ “freebie list” (of celebrities one could sleep with without raising the ire of the significant other) but she didn’t make the lamination cut.

So, I’ve been thinking about my list. Here are my five. Watch out, Honey:

1. Mike Myers. He just makes me laugh. From Dieter to Simon to Wayne and Dr Evil (but not the very lame Axe Murderer), I just chuckle thinking of him. That makes him HOT.

2. Gary Sinise. Not a fan of CSI: NY, but I find this actor otherwise captivating.

3. Robert Downey Jr. Every girl’s list needs a bad boy to save.

4. Billy Crudup. Except I think he’s short.

5. Johnny Depp. Yeah, Lori, get in line.

Not quite ready to laminate yet. Let me ruminate awhile.

So, who’s on your list??