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Adoption The Long View podcast with guest Greg Gentry

407: What My Adoptive Parents Did – and Didn’t – Do Well

So many parents end up wishing they’d had a time machine to go back and know earlier what we didn’t know then about parenting, which is the whole premise of this podcast – to take the long view. With adoptive parenting, that wish can be even stronger, because so much we “know” about the adoption part of parenting doesn’t actually turn out to be as true and as well-functioning as we think. Much of the conventional wisdom about adoption turns out not great for adoptees. By the time we figure that out – often through crisis – the moments of opportunity to be on a healthier trajectory may have passed.

Adoption: The Long View
Adoption: The Long View
407: What My Adoptive Parents Did - and Didn't - Do Well

Adoption: The Long View

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