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The authors of Adoption Unfiltered: Sara Easterly, Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard, and Lori Holden

409: Unfiltering Adoption: What’s Been Filtered From Us Hurts Us

This is a really special episode for me because not only am I the host, as I always am, I am also a guest. I’m so excited to announce on Adoption: The Long View, that within a month, a book I, along with my two guests, have spent the last 3 years envisioning, writing, and polishing will be out in the world. And we hope you get it in your hands, because the reason we wrote it was to reimagine adoption in a way that better serves the needs of adoptees and their parents.

Adoption: The Long View
409: Unfiltering Adoption: What's Been Filtered From Us Hurts Us

Adoption: The Long View

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