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Perfect Moment Monday: We are Young

Most days, as soon as the alarm goes off I pull on yoga pants (and shirt), wake the kids and get them ready for school. About the time they’re pledging their allegiance, I am setting up my laptop in my home office.

But once in awhile, I actually go to work and must begin the day the way I used to: I shower, pick something out of my closet that is on a hanger, and do my hair and makeup. I had one of these days in November, and instead of guiding my children through each step of their prep, I focused on mine.

Would my kids rise to the occasion?

I made sure Tessa and Reed were awake before I stepped into the shower. Would you believe that not once did they storm through the door and complain that one was breathing on the other? Would you believe that after I dried myself off and crept into the hallway to see what was going on in the kitchen, that I saw Tessa rinsing Reed’s cereal bowl and loading it into the dishwasher? That I saw Reed making a lunch for Tessa? That they were collaborating with each other rather than tormenting each other?

I was in shock. And I broke out into a huge smile.

Tessa and Reed had a soundtrack for the morning blaring from one or the other’s iPod, perched in the kitchen docking station an causing them to rock out. At the moment I peered down on them, “We Are Young” by fun. was playing. It’s a song we all love to sing together in the car, but in this scenario it held new meaning.

We are young!
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun!

(Not the get-drunk-til-you-can’t-get-yourself-home meaning that the video portrays.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I saw with my own eyes that I am raising independent, cooperative and compassionate human beings. Who so totally rock.


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The Lessons of Soul Surfer, as Interpreted by My Daughter

Tessa, Reed and I are watching Soul Surfer, a DVD Tessa picked out from the local Redbox with Daddy while Mommy was out of town. They’ve already watched it but we see it again together.

It’s a feel-good movie with heartwarming moments of triumph over adversity and portrayal of family unity and support, and it tackles the question, why do bad things happen to good people?

bethany hamilton annasophia robb movie

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