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Ten years ago  I was introduced to a significant other. First we found out about each other by a mutual acquaintance, and days later we were met in person. We liked each other immediately, and sure enough those strong feelings of like soon turned into true love. Within a couple of weeks we were bonded for life.

Ten years into our open adoption

We hit a milestone this month, Crystal and I. It was 10 years ago when my husband and I got the call that she wanted to meet us. That meeting went well and set the stage for all that was to come: labor and delivery, leaving the hospital to a surprise destination (and  ignoring conventional wisdom of the day), our daughter’s first birthday, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (and so on), kindergarten graduation, dance recitals, haircuts, support.

Suddenly, Tessa is 10. I have each one of her days documented in her own set of journals. I carry in my mind’s eye snippets of her: in a flowered cutiepie toddler outfit with matching bow for her hairless head; the leg-clinging she’d do when I left her in the nursery for an hour while I taught a Geography class; the determination on her face when she decided to conquer the monkey bars; her delight in making chocolate chip cookie dough together; her early penchant for lip gloss and fingernail polish (obviously not inherited from me); her courage in the face of trauma; her inexorable joie de vivre.

I salute these two amazing ladies who have blessed me so abundantly these past 3652 days.

And counting.

Perfect Moment Monday: Love and warriors

As I opened my hips, I watched the woman next to me do so as well.

We both settled into our Warrior IIs. At the instructor’s urging, we moved our front knees toward our pinkie toes, stretched our arms from fingertip to fingertip and sank even further into our front legs. We aimed to square our hips to the side wall. We held the pose until our quads burned.

I admired the woman on the mat next to me. She was a generation ahead of me, in her 70s. She looked limber but relatively new to yoga. Still, she was focused on getting to her edge in the pose. She was breathing deeply and deliberately, like you’re supposed to do. She was fully present on her mat.

Just as she’s been present for me my whole life. She’s my mom. She’s doing yoga with me these days.

In that moment, I realized how lucky I am to have my mom, this amazing woman, in my life every day. My heart swelled in my Warrior II as I love and gratitude for being blessed with My Mom washed over me.

It nearly became one of those upwelling moments but I swallowed it down just as the instructor took us back to runner’s lunge. Crisis averted.


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