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#flipthescript 5: Hey Adopters. Want Trust? Give Truth.

Jodi Hayward, who occupied this space for #flipthesript 2, returns with more of her story, as well as advice for adoptive parents who wish to foster attachment and build a trust-based relationship with their child.

adoptees flipthescriptImage: Tracy Hammond


At the time I was taken for adoption (1975) and the deed was finalized (1977), I don’t think most people realized the extent of lasting damage done by separating a young child from its mother, Continue reading #flipthescript 5: Hey Adopters. Want Trust? Give Truth.

7 Things I Wish We’d Done Differently in Our Open Adoption

Amy has been in an open adoption for a long time as first mom to Addie, born and relinquished in 1985. Amy’s reflection on the past 30 years highlights my  hunch that even if you’ve got contact with your child’s other parents, there are so many other facets to consider in helping your child process her adoptedness and integrate her parts.

In fact, if you have contact between families but are not also parenting with mindfulness and attunement, you may be inviting in complexity (contact) without having ways to deal with such complexity (mindfulness and intentionality).

7 things a birth mom would do differently in open adoption

Amy’s points challenge me; they might do so for you, too. My suggestion is not to take Amy’s narrative personally. She is not commenting on or judging anyone’s adoption arrangement other than her own.  If any of her  points trigger you, stop for a moment to see if you can figure out why.

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