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Happy weekend to all!


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Perfect Moment Monday: Flash mob!

I got to do something I’ve wanted to do ever since I saw this.

I went to a Zumba class at my gym on Saturday and found out that Zumbies from all over Denver were participating in a flash mob that afternoon.

So my 9 year-old videographer and I headed downtown, found a parking place and hustled our way down the pedestrian mall.  We got there just in time to join about 40 or so other mobbers.

Dancing with abandon in the winter sun felt exhilaratingly perfect.

Scratch one off the bucket list.

Video by Tessa

(Should you want to see from a grown-up’s vantage point, here is the flash mob video taken by my instructor’s husband. We flash mobbed three times along the mall, and this is the first dance, in which I still had a coat on. Tessa’s video is the second dance, where I had shed the coat and was down to a sweat jacket. By the third go-round (no video), I was down to a tank top. Good thing we ran out of mall.)


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