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One-Woman Show

To find one of my evergreenest posts, you’d have to go back 6½ years, back to my early days of blogging in 2007. You’d think that said post would have to do with open adoption or chakras or Perfect Moment Mondays, or something that I’m known for writing about.

But you’d be wrong. What Google sends to me most aren’t people searching for “what causes adoption” or “which chakra is for sex” or “my husband’s panties” or “today show experts” or “% of marriages that end in divorce” (though all of these are in the running) — but this one:

you must pay the rent

Nearly 7 years later, I have added a short video to that very popular post. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Lori Lavender Luz starring in her 30-second one-woman, one-act, one-prop play!

I’ve spent years resolving my own victim tendencies (“the world is against me — look at all the proof I have”), as you can see from my latest post. The other two roles not so much.

So I ask you:

Is there a dramatic role you tend to play in your life — victim, hero, villain?

The Day I Became a “Real” Mom

Remember my anticipation around the Mother’s Day-themed Listen To Your Mother Show two months ago? How ner-cited I was?

The video is now available! For those of you not able to attend the show, here’s “The Day I Earned My Mom Badge,” about the moment I knew I had become a “real” mom.

Who knew I could get so much mileage out of such a crappy experience?

I highly recommend you check out the clips of my fellow cast members who are also on the Denver playlist. I’ve heard each of them four times now and I’m still laughing and crying at these superb stories and storytellers.