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Perfect Moment Monday: Full deck

Our backyard haven had been missing or unusable for much of the summer. The back deck, small and decrepit, had been scraped and rebuilt over the course of the previous five weeks.

In addition, Roger had been gone nearly a month for work.

But everything shifted back into place recently as we christened our new-and-improved deck together. I’d been sitting that Saturday afternoon with a good book and my MellowFaves playlist serenading me softly on our outdoor speakers. We’d just had a brief summer rain and the temperature was a comfortable 75°. 

Roger finally arrived home and the kids and I greeted him enthusiastically. Roger handed me a a bottle of wine made by some friends from grapes grown in their backyard and I served it up in twin goblets. After crawling all over him for a bit, the kids returned to their play on the lawn, and Roger and I were left to catch up over all the small and large things that had passed since we last had a good chunk of time to spend together. It was divinely relaxing, so sweet to know that all was in place again.

This was our background noise:

Nothing  incredible or spectacular — just 16 seconds of normal life made perfect simply by the fact that I noticed it.


Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

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Hello, Dali

In spite of Mr Roads, my 7th grade art teacher, I was prompted last fall to buy a daily deal for a partner session in an art studio.

Husband and I finally used it just days before it expired. We left the kids with my parents and headed to one of my favorite Colorado towns, Golden.

Date night was held at Art on the Brix where we received, for our entry fee, art supplies and instruction, a cup of wine each and tapas, which is a fanchy-schmancy word for light snacks. We also had the chance to buy one more cup of wine as we painted, as you may notice below.

This was our night in a slideshow.

Now we have two paintings of the same thing. Luckily, each kid wanted one to hang in their rooms.

Who knew I could even remotely do this? I love vanquishing the voice of Mr Roads almost as much as I enjoy sipping house Cabernet with my husband. A really fun evening, complete with a visual memory that makes me smile.

One moment in time

The title is not because I’m a fan of Whitney (I’m so not), but because my very talented friend Mary Beth took our portraits this past weekend. It’s been three years since we’ve put on our Saturday best and had MB capture our family on film.

Err, in pixels.

Here’s one I can share in this space.

My family, my city.


Mary Beth Graff is an internationally renowned photographer (people fly her to weddings, yo!) who can be reached via her website. Some of my ColoBlogger friends have hired her and now would entrust their family moments to no one else.