Hello, Dali

In spite of Mr Roads, my 7th grade art teacher, I was prompted last fall to buy a daily deal for a partner session in an art studio.

Husband and I finally used it just days before it expired. We left the kids with my parents and headed to one of my favorite Colorado towns, Golden.

Date night was held at Art on the Brix where we received, for our entry fee, art supplies and instruction, a cup of wine each and tapas, which is a fanchy-schmancy word for light snacks. We also had the chance to buy one more cup of wine as we painted, as you may notice below.

This was our night in a slideshow.

Now we have two paintings of the same thing. Luckily, each kid wanted one to hang in their rooms.

Who knew I could even remotely do this? I love vanquishing the voice of Mr Roads almost as much as I enjoy sipping house Cabernet with my husband. A really fun evening, complete with a visual memory that makes me smile.

9 thoughts on “Hello, Dali”

  1. That’s some seriously great artwork! And it sounds like a very fun night out with your husband. I love the way you shared your post with words and a visual.

  2. Wow! Well done! That is a great rendition of an absolute classic (and by a Spanish painter no less). That sounds like such a fun way to spend an evening. B and I were just talking about trying to put together a date night tomorrow night. I wish we had a place like that near by.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. How awesome is that!!!!! And I LOVE your use of the slideshow. I was just thinking how cool it would be to witness other artists creating since it has been a long while, and there you are doing it!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and how brave and fun to move past that art teacher’s comments. Amazing how much influence a comment can make, and how we hold onto those as self stories. And it suck how much those self stories are almost always limiting. Good for you for VANQUISHING!

    also posting about life, creativity and self stories at https:www.kate-johnson.com

  4. Those turned out so well! I loved seeing the slideshow and especially appreciate that it was inspired by a Dali. So cool that each of your children get to have one of your masterpieces in their rooms.

    When I traveled for a weeks in Europe, after my semester abroad in college, my travel mate and I enjoyed finding Dali painting in the various museums we went to. Our last day traveling together, before I headed home to return to the States, we were in Venice and actually found a special Dali exhibit at a museum there. It was an awesome capstone to our European adventure! 🙂

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