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Question for You Classic Rock Trivia Geeks

Do you love classic rock? A disproportionate number of my car radio presets are for classic rock stations. I love listening to and introducing my children to classic rock. With the influences of their dad and me, our kids are sure to turn out well-rounded, musically speaking.

battle of the nas, beatles vs journey

I heard two songs the other day, both with notoriously long endings. Not just in terms of minutes and seconds, but also in terms of Na Nas. Continue reading Question for You Classic Rock Trivia Geeks

I’m Too Sexy for this Post

One of the many cool things about October is the silliness of it all. For one month a year we are given social license to dress in pajamas or as super heroes or look as silly as we care to. In fact, October is a month in which ridiculousness is encouraged and celebrated.

At what other time if the year would I dare put these on Facebook as my best face forward?

Lavender Luz Halloween costumes

So this month I’m thinking about exceptions, about the wacky and unusual ends of the bell curve. Adding to my Off the Beaten Path playlist this month are these “What Were We Thinking!?” gems.

This song’s intro makes me think of Carol Burnett. And the rest of the video makes me think of cheese. Velveeta cheese.

This one brings to mind Clint Eastwood chowing down on Ragú®.

And this one just makes me think of my kids having fun in the car. We sing along with our best sprechgesang and gutteral vocal fry as we join in the parody of narcissism.

What would be on your “What Were We Thinking!?” playlist?


Lori's mix tape playlistThis is the third batch I’ve added to my Mix Tape Playlist. Remember the days when you’d painstakingly record songs from the radio onto a cassette for an important person in your life? I’m building this one for you. Stay tuned for more off-the-beaten-path music.

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