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Grassroots, Grass Stains

I took Tessa to my party’s caucus last night, and Roger took Reed to his.

Roger and I were each elected as delegates and will attend our respective assemblies at the county, state and congressional district levels.

My caucus meeting was attended by nearly 30 people (as compared with 2 in 2004). I was one of several to vote for Dr. Ron Paul, a former flight surgeon in the Air Force and OB/GYN who supports, as I do, limited constitutional government, low taxes, putting doctors and patients back in charge of health care decisions, and who is opposed to unnecessary violations of our privacy like the Patriot Act.

Our house is now officially the Colorado version of Matalin/Carville — but with better hair. Roger and I tussle over various issues on occasion, but we respectfully coexist, keeping each others’ views from becoming too myopic.

Fun times are a-coming. This is the first time in my voting life that I feel there is both a wide-open race and fascinating choices.