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The End of Reading as We Knew It

I used to be able to read books a chapter at a time. Two or three or more, even. For the most engaging novels, I could spend an entire afternoon turning pages, getting up only because my Mom told me to go outside or because I had to eat or stretch my legs.

These days I struggle to focus like that. Do you?

Two articles came across my radar yesterday, confirming what I have thought and feared about my own reading habits since the dawn of the digital and social media era: I have lost a skill that was once at the core of my identity.

The end of reading as we knew it.
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Learning to Swallow

Did you know babies are born with an instinct that involves thrusting the tongue forward in order to latch on to a nipple? And did you know that at about 8 months of age, these infants gradually find a better way to swallow, one that retires action at the tip of the tongue in favor of action at the back of the tongue?

I never got that memo.

adult treatment for tongue thrust

News to Me

I had no clue I am a tongue thruster. Nobody ever told me. Not my pediatrician, not my dentist, not my first orthodontist when I was a teenager. Even my mom was surprised when I told her recently. Continue reading Learning to Swallow