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5 Songs You Can’t Live Without: What Makes the Cut?

Brené Brown asks her guests on the Unlocking Us podcast: what are 5 songs you can’t live without?

I was walking Dexter the other day while listening. I started thinking about what my 5 songs would be — just in case Brené Brown ever calls me to be on her show (hah!).

5 songs I can't live without. Inspired by Brené Brown

First I had to figure out how to even pare them down, all the songs from all the playlists I have complied, favorites from various eras of my life. SO many soundtracks, depending on if we’re talking the early years with my sisters and parents, my college years, my young adult years, our early marriage, my second childhood (aka raising-my-children years), or even other criteria that’s not timeline-based.

I settled on the criteria as this: songs associated with people. My people.

Here it is, my list.

5 Songs I Can’t Live Without

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Question for You Classic Rock Trivia Geeks

Do you love classic rock? A disproportionate number of my car radio presets are for classic rock stations. I love listening to and introducing my children to classic rock. With the influences of their dad and me, our kids are sure to turn out well-rounded, musically speaking.

battle of the nas, beatles vs journey

I heard two songs the other day, both with notoriously long endings. Not just in terms of minutes and seconds, but also in terms of Na Nas. Continue reading Question for You Classic Rock Trivia Geeks