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battle of the nas, beatles vs journey

Question for You Classic Rock Trivia Geeks

Do you love classic rock? A disproportionate number of my car radio presets are for classic rock stations. I love listening to and introducing my children to classic rock. With the influences of their dad and me, our kids are sure to turn out well-rounded, musically speaking.

battle of the nas, beatles vs journey

I heard two songs the other day, both with notoriously long endings. Not just in terms of minutes and seconds, but also in terms of Na Nas.

How Well Do You Know Your Outros?

When I heard these two songs in near succession, I got to wondering which one had more Nas.

And then with radical curiosity (also known as “I can’t let an idea go once it’s in my head), I used my powers of observation and finger-counting to research the answer.

So without actually counting (for me that’s a blog post; for you that’s cheating) tell me which ending you estimate has more “Nas” in it. Your choices are:

A. Hey Jude by a wide margin

B. Hey Jude by a little

C. The two endings are within 10 Nas of each other

D. Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin by a little

E. Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin by a lot.

After you log your answer in a comment below (show your work! include your reasoning!), you can do your own counting if you absolutely must know — without spoiling it for the others.

But if you don’t want to go to the trouble, tune in here another day and I’ll reveal the answer.

(In researching this post, I discovered I wasn’t the first one to ponder the Na Nas. )

Images: Beatlesmaniac11,  [CC2.0], Steve Perry by Andrello01 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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9 Responses

  1. omg this is hilarious. I completely remember counting the “nah nah” to the Journey song (ironically) when I was pregnant with my son and living in CA with relatives. Steve Perry is from the town living in (Hanford CA) and it WAS 1988 so lots of Journey was played. I don’t recall comparing it to the Beatles, but I’m sure we did. Either way, I’m taking a leap of faith and choosing “Journey” has more nah nahs….by a little. 🙂

  2. Okay… I don’t want to play… And why didn’t you include: “Na na na, na na na na” goodbye? Just because it’s not an “outro”? I will say that I wasn’t a big Journey fan at the time but it’s one of those bands that has grown on me over the years. And that song is my favorite. I love songs that sound like they come from somewhere deep down in the guts. Like the writer really meant it. But I’ll admit: For some reason, offhand I couldn’t even have told you that song had “nas” in it. Unlike Hey Jude.

  3. OMG, hilarious!! I never did get to see the Beatles (obviously, I was just 9 when they broke up), but I did see Journey back in the day (spring 1982, I think — with dh, early in our relationship!). I was blown away by how Steve Perry could hold a note while RUNNING from one side of the stage to another. Without listening to both songs or singing them through in my head, I am going to guess C. They are probably pretty close. (And yes, we should throw in Lori SF’s song too for good measure, just to make it interesting, lol.)

  4. Okay, so I don’t think I cheated because I didn’t count nah-nahs, but there’s 4 minutes of nah-nahing for Hey Jude and 2 for Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’…but there’s no breaking up the nah nahs with “hey Jude” in the Journey song and there seem to be more per refrain… so I’m going to say that one by a little, which I think is D? SO INTERESTING! 🙂

  5. It must be get Jude but less then 100…but that’s pure speculation.

    This IS hysterical…never even pondered this. Not once…lol

  6. Okay, I even averted my eyes from the previous replies so my answer wouldn’t be tainted – LOL! I’m going with A, because it’s a longer song, so I’m guessing the Nahs have to be higher. Oh, and completely, totally love the second song, especially when driving! Oh, and I’m going to be lazy and wait until you post the answer. 😀

  7. (whispered) I don’t actually know the Journey song.

    Though I do know Hey Jude.

    But I think I am woefully ignorant about music because if I find something I like, I just listen to that one album for years.

  8. Okay, I’m actually with Mel. I didn’t recognise the Journey song either. I’d guess they had more na-nas, because of tempo, but it’s not something I’d ever count. Well, not until you mentioned it! Thanks heaps lol

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