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Two Ways to Adopt a…Kidney?

Act I

Need a Kidney: Scene 1

Cam and Jordan are living their best lives, except for one thing: Cam needs a kidney, and Jordan is determined to help him get one. Their plan:

  • Find a kidney. Maybe there’s someone out there who needs $ more than they need a kidney.
  • Do an Internet search to find a kidney broker, someone who can help find a kidney.
  • Oh, looky! Here’s a consultant who shows up at the top of the Google search! (We don’t even wanna know how much money it cost to get there!)
  • Hire a kidney consultant to help broker us a kidney.
  • The kidney might be in another locale that is more friendly about this type of thing. Some locales have more rules about this than others. We wouldn’t want the kidney holder to back out once the agreement is made. We need a kidney-friendly locale with laws that are on our side, and the consultant can help us with that.
  • Get that kidney installed in Cam and live happily ever after.
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Early summer brought two trips: the first to the place where I first met my late friend, Jeni, and the second in my own hometown.

Atlanta for Work

My new position with Family to Family Support Network™ took my colleagues and me to Atlanta for AWHONN’s annual convention of nurses (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses). We presented a workshop on our Unique Families Program™ and held a board meeting/planning session.

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New Season

Where have I been? I reached the milestone of writing in this space for 12 years and then dropped off the face of the blog. Wanna know what happened?


Good Bye Classroom

With many tears, I said goodbye to my school and my students in May. I put in notice that I wouldn’t return in the fall as their social studies teacher.

Seems I can’t disconnect completely. I’ve let my principal know I’m available as a substitute teacher on occasion. I hope she takes me up on it.

So what am I going to do instead?

Hello Hospitals

angels in adoption lori holden rebecca vahle mary landrieu of family to family support network
Advocating for Family to Family Support Network with Founder Rebecca Vahle and patron former Senator Mary Landrieu (LA)
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