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Golden Milk

I know turmeric is good for you; I just needed new ideas how to consume more of it. So when Costco Connection magazine mentioned Golden Milk in its effort to sell turmeric, I was all ears.

“Many scientific studies have reported that turmeric may assist in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and renal conditions, among many others.”        — Costco Connection magazine 

I have not been diagnosed with any of those conditions, but the list of ailments says to me that turmeric reduces inflammation, which is often the start of many bodily problems. I don’t want inflammation and I do want more turmeric. But how?

golden milk turmeric latte

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It’s Summer O’Clock Somewhere

Spring is still a newborn bald gulping baby bird in the northern hemisphere, but here in Denver we’ve had temperatures in the 70s so I’m prematurely ready to announce Lori’s Summer Drink of 2015.

I discovered this concoction in February when Andy came through town and I met her for dinner. So for me this drink not only tastes like summer, but it also conjures happy memories. It’s called…

Little Ray of Sunshine

To make Little Ray, you need only 3 ingredients.

Ginger beer

limoncello summer drink

Pour a shot of limoncello (I use Caravello because that’s what Costco carries) into a tall glass. Add most of a bottle of ginger beer (I use Reed’s, which is non-alcoholic and can be found at specialty grocery stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods).

Squirt in some bitters (I use Angostura). Stir gently and add ice.

Sip and delight!


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Recipe: Bourbon Balls, Rum Balls

I first ran this post back in my early days of blogging when my mom was practically the only one who read my posts. I’m re-running it now because the recipe came from my mom, so its first iteration was kind of pointless. Now maybe one or two other readers will be able to enjoy Bourbon Balls and Rum Balls this holiday season.

Yes, I understand this is early for December holiday prep (or super late, if you are a retailer) but when you see how yummy these are, you’re going to want to have a batch on hand for each party to go to or host.

Though my mom was the maker of this confection, I associate the recipe with my dad. In a 3-ring kitchen binder in my kitchen cabinet is a tattered photocopy of my dad’s handwriting, dated 1967 (? never could read his writing). Now, my dad knows his way around a grill but he most definitely does NOT make cookies. So the fact that he wrote down a recipe and hung on to it means that it made him a hit at work. He and my mom made batches of Bourbon Balls every December for him to bring to his aerospace facility (think Mad Men with pocket protectors). The treats held a fascination for me because the whole time I was growing up, I was unable to partake.

Now I can. And I do.

Bourbon Balls (or, as I prefer, Rum Balls)

Bourbon Balls by rcakewalk2 1/2 C crushed vanilla wafers
1 C confectioners sugar
1 C chopped pecans (optional)
2 T powdered cocoa
3 T white corn syrup
1/2 – 3/4 C bourbon or rum or scotch. Pick your poison.

Mix ingredients in order given. Form balls, roll in confectioners sugar. Store in covered container.


Oh, dear. Because I have changed the way I think about food, and because food suppliers have changed the way they produce food, there’s not much on this ingredient list that is suitable for me any more (score one for cocoa!).

Whatever. I can pay homage to my childhood by indulging in Rum Balls once (or twice) a year, can’t I?

Image courtesy rcakewalk, Creative Commons 3.0