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limoncello summer drink

It’s Summer O’Clock Somewhere

Spring is still a newborn bald gulping baby bird in the northern hemisphere, but here in Denver we’ve had temperatures in the 70s so I’m prematurely ready to announce Lori’s Summer Drink of 2015.

I discovered this concoction in February when Andy came through town and I met her for dinner. So for me this drink not only tastes like summer, but it also conjures happy memories. It’s called…

Little Ray of Sunshine

To make Little Ray, you need only 3 ingredients.

Ginger beer

limoncello summer drink

Pour a shot of limoncello (I use Caravello because that’s what Costco carries) into a tall glass. Add most of a bottle of ginger beer (I use Reed’s, which is non-alcoholic and can be found at specialty grocery stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods).

Squirt in some bitters (I use Angostura). Stir gently and add ice.

Sip and delight!


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17 Responses

  1. Happy Memories indeed! Now you need to come to Halifax so you can enjoy sipping some Nova 7 on the deck while we watch the snow melt!

  2. Oooh, yum. I wrote a whole travel blog ( dedicated to limoncello (when life gives you lemons, make – or drink – limoncello), so I have to try this. I’m sure it will work even in autumn!

  3. What is the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale? Other than: I have one in my house, but not the other? Sounds delicious!

  4. I loved reading Enid Blyton novels when I was a kid (The Famous Five, the Adventure series, etc.) & they were always drinking “ginger beer.” I figured it was another name for ginger ale. Thanks for clarifying! & I would love to try a Little Ray sometime — especially with you! 😉

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