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Listen to me (even if I’m not your mother)

Blogging may not pay the bills (unless you count the occasional quarters I can afford to throw at my kids to buy trinkets from gumball machines) but some really cool things come from it. Case in point: I am going to be in a show. Like, up on a stage in which people have paid to be in the audience. My parents are laughing because I was oh-so-shy and self-conscious growing up. They can hardly reconcile this little girl with this big one.

I’d heard about the Listen to Your Mother show, but I never paid attention because it was only in exotic cities like Madison, WI (its birthplace, born of Anne Imig) and Indianapolis, IN, produced by my friend and colleague Judy M Miller. This year my friend Kathy let me know auditions were coming to her city, Chicago, and suggested I find out if Denver would hold auditions, as well.

Giving Mother's Day a MicrophoneDenver would. In fact, LTYM (tagline: “giving Mother’s Day a microphone”) will celebrate Mother’s Day in 24 cities this year.

I selected a short reading (3-5 minutes were the parameters), polished it, Skyped my audition with director Zakary and waited an extra week to hear if I made the cast of 12 (thanks, blizzard). See, Denver is a vibrant blogging town, with communities like Mile High Mamas, Denver ParentsDenver Bucket List and Colorado Moms.You can’t spit in the breeze without loogying a blogger. I didn’t know how many of them would put themselves through an audition — after all, bloggers do tend to be introverts — but I knew competition could be fierce (not to mention all the talented non-blogging writers in my city).

When I finally got the confirmation email that I’d made the cast (woot!), my next question was: who would be joining me? Would I know anyone? Finally, the cast list was revealed. And I did already know two people.

This past weekend we had our first rehearsal and I got to hear the stories that each cast member will tell. There were tears, there were guffaws, there were nods of the heads in agreement as we shared our stories about mothers and motherhood. You are in for a real treat if you can come to this show. If you are in Denver on the evening of May 7, I’d love to have you in attendance. It will be rather basic — no costumes, sets or props. Just 12 real people relating in their own real ways.

And if you’re not in Denver that evening, the video clips will be available a few weeks later (à la TED talks).

Want to know more about my castmates? I can tell you from our brief time together that each is someone I want to know better. When I arrived home afterward I immediately reached out to my new friends via Facebook. We have people ranging from their 30s to 70s in age. We have a male. We have a variety of spiritual beliefs. Infertility and loss and adoption will be mentioned more than once. We have tragedies and we have triumphs to share. Check out my new friends, bios all on one page.

Lori Holden listed as Listen To Your Mother cast

Listen to me! Make it a special night out for yourself — I hope to see you there.

BlogHer12: Bright sites, big city

When you are completely spent and sated at the same time and can’t put a coherent thought together, you might as well use bullet points.

  • BlogHer12 was my favorite yet (also in the ring were BlogHer08 and BlogHer10). I focused not on the parties or the swag or the $$ contacts or even the host city (it was freaking New York!), but on the sessions and on my friends, silver and gold ( Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.) I spent time — daytime, evening and wee hours — with Melissa, Kathy, Justine, Pomegranate, Kir, Meg (Kathy’s lovely sister), Kristin, Nicole, Emily…and drank of our time thirstily as though it would have to last through a 11.9-month drought. Sucked the marrow out of our time together, as Mel says.
  • I owe my husband a huge thank you. He managed to entertain our children while I gallivanted. And he showed up with them for a portion of my session. Having both my loves and lives  — my IRL and my URL (stealing this from Esperanza) in the same space was mind-blowing.

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Perfect Moment Monday: My StarCon experience

Now I know how Trekkies feel. Not during their “real” lives, but while at StarCon.

I got to spend the weekend with one of my clans. A bunch of mostly strangers with a common experience and passion and language and pointy ears. Well, maybe not that last one, but a bunch of people who really want to make Adoption World better.

About 120 people converged at the University of Richmond School of Law for the 2011 Opening Adoption Symposium, hosted by Coordinators2, which did a fantastic job. There was a sub-clan of attendees who are also bloggers — people I have stalked and learned from online for years. Sharing with these women our passion for adoption blogging was exhilarating.

Whether it was riding in a cab with KatjaMichelle, clinking sangria glasses with 24/7 Social Worker, LisaRacilous and Cynthia (who conceived the conference) presenting my sessions with Judy and Amy, hanging out with Heather and her fly-for-a-white-guy husband, or waiting for the first leg of our flight with Dawn Friedman, it was an amazing thing to meet and get to know each other in person over our common interest.

Topping off the conference were the wise  words and ideas of keynoter Jim Gritter, author of the newly released book Hospitious Adoption. Here’s my twitter stream of my favorite of his quotes. The middle one is my favorite.

As the conference ended a dear friend drove from her home to meet me and have an old-fashioned slumber party, a grown-up version that involved Kahlua and talking/crying/giggling until the wee hours. I considered leaving my underwear in her bag but thought better of it.

The capstone of my days-long succession of perfect moments happened during  the drive home from the airport when I was blasted with bliss. The 80-degree air smelled like home and was a gift to this summer-loving gal. I drove west toward the mountains, and the mountain panorama against the blue sky took my breath away. This coincided with Greenday’s Good Riddance on the radio and anticipation about seeing the faces of my husband and kids.

Love those bliss blasts. They come outta nowhere.


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