Adoptive parenting

Why I am anti anti-open adoption: a public response to private statements

April 5, 2011

Private bulletin boards certainly serve a purpose. A private board can be a safe place for people to connect and explore sensitive issues more deeply than where the whole world could see. I’m in full support of that. A private board can also be a place to vent, and I’m also in support of that. […]

Do over: “I’m a bastard, right, Mom?”

March 24, 2011

As you may recall from my last post, Tessa and I began a conversation about the meaning of the words bitch and bastard. We covered the terms and I was feeling confident. Until she said the words expressed in the title of this post. That means I’m a bastard, right? Though it was clear there was […]

Adoption: a tough question from my daughter

March 22, 2011

I’m interested in what parents and non-parents have to say and particularly what helpful advice adoptees may have to offer. What would/did you do? The conversation started when Tessa, 9, asked me (again) what bitch means and if it’s a bad word. We’ve had this talk before. I told her (again) that the dictionary meaning is […]

Ignorant questions & answers about open adoption, part 2

January 28, 2011

Earlier this month, Jessica from O Solo Mama asked seven questions about open adoption. Jessica is a mom via international adoption, and her wonderings have stirred many open adoption bloggers to respond insightfully. Seriously, click over and read some of the posts — they have helped me deepen my own understanding of open adoption. A […]