Out and about

April 12, 2013

It’s spring here in the northern hemisphere, things are warming up and people are getting out and reacquainted with their neighbors. Howdy! I’ve been out and about, too. Here are a few places I’ve visited. Wanna come? Stroll with me. 1. Melissa Ford — of the just-released novel Measure of Love (which I’ve already loaded […]

Listen to me (even if I’m not your mother)

April 8, 2013

Blogging may not pay the bills (unless you count the occasional quarters I can afford to throw at my kids to buy trinkets from gumball machines) but some really cool things come from it. Case in point: I am going to be in a show. Like, up on a stage in which people have paid […]

Advice for new adopting parents

February 19, 2013

BlogHer approached me about contributing to its Absolute Beginner series, and I gave my best advice to these common issues people early on the path of adoption: How to get through various stages of “The Wait.” How to get ready for your new child. When to tell people. What you need to know about PADS, […]

Miss Elaine E on the verge of spring

March 9, 2012

Just a few items before the weekend begins. This is my day at the 3SIX5 project. It’s kind of a year-long diary of humanity, in which one writer from around the globe is responsible for one day’s entry. 365 days, as told by 365 different people, according to the project’s creators. My post’s title, if […]