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adoptive parenting webinars

Parenting in Adoption

Parenting By Adoption (Any Type!)

I have an article featured in the current issues of Adoptive Families magazine titled Parenting With an Open Heart.  (It’s currently accessible for free with or without subscription.)

adoptive parenting webinars

When I speak with adoptive parents through workshops and webinars, especially those who came to adoption through the international or foster routes, I sense such a craving for openness — even when contact with birth family is not possible.

So the message in this article —  that openness in adoption is available to anyone, regardless of the availability of contact — has been well received. Check it out.

Parenting Teens

Did you know that the earliest Snowflake babies are now teenagers? The webinar I presented earlier this month for the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center is now available to listen to (also free). 

adoptive parenting of teensIt’s full of advice from the parents of teens who were in the first wave of this type of adoption. These parents of teens can share their  experiences with openness as well as the resulting benefits with others parenting via embryo or traditional adoption. In either case, the teen is experiencing a split between their biology and their biography. Through openness, these parents are helping their kiddos heal that split, integrate their pieces, and form their identities.  Really fascinating insights.


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  1. I had no idea the Snowflakes program was that old! Very glad teens are sharing their thoughts and insights from their side of this option of family building.

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