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Gotta Hand it to Me

I have my own personal and portable DJ. Reed loves to play music for me as we drive from activity to activity. He plugs his iPod into the car’s reverse-USB port and carefully selects songs based on factors of the moment.

On a recent trip that was just the two of us — which meant he got to sit in the front seat — he chose songs from our past. One he got done fiddling with his iPod and the music began, he did something remarkable.

He reached out for my hand.

For the rest of the 15-minute trip, our fingers were as intertwined as our voices.


The next day, Tessa invited me to take the dog for a walk with her. “Come with me, Mama,” she said in the unguarded tone of voice I remember from her pre-teen days. And by “pre-teen” I mean “less hostile.”

We found the leash, clipped it on Dexter, and headed out the door. Before we even got around the corner, Tessa did something remarkable.

She reached out for my hand.

For the rest of the 15-minute stroll, our hands connected us and our stride synched us.

hand to hand

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Closing Time

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End.

We have a newly minted middle-schooler in our home, as Tessa closed out her elementary school career last week, marked by her school’s Continuation Ceremony. The last month or so has been a mashup of transition meetings, girl drama, growing pains, anxiety anticipation, and, of course, shopping for the appropriate Continuation dress.

After the Continuation Ceremony, our family previewed Summer Nights at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. While waiting for the Laserium show to start (the Pink Floyd Laserium experience is very different being a teen versus having a teen), we walked the environs of City Park. I gasped when I noticed Tessa anew in all her free-spirited glory.

Still in her Continuation dress, here’s my girl. My spontaneous, growing-up, beautiful girl who has a few endings behind her, but so many new beginnings yet to be experienced. In this moment she is open and ready to face it all.

Urban angel

Teen against iconic Denver skyline

Are you experiencing any transitions at this time? Does it feel more like a closing time or an opening time?