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Gotta Hand it to Me

I have my own personal and portable DJ. Reed loves to play music for me as we drive from activity to activity. He plugs his iPod into the car’s reverse-USB port and carefully selects songs based on factors of the moment.

On a recent trip that was just the two of us — which meant he got to sit in the front seat — he chose songs from our past. One he got done fiddling with his iPod and the music began, he did something remarkable.

He reached out for my hand.

For the rest of the 15-minute trip, our fingers were as intertwined as our voices.


The next day, Tessa invited me to take the dog for a walk with her. “Come with me, Mama,” she said in the unguarded tone of voice I remember from her pre-teen days. And by “pre-teen” I mean “less hostile.”

We found the leash, clipped it on Dexter, and headed out the door. Before we even got around the corner, Tessa did something remarkable.

She reached out for my hand.

For the rest of the 15-minute stroll, our hands connected us and our stride synched us.

hand to hand

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23 Responses

  1. Such heartwarming moments! A mum of teenagers told me “Sometimes I get glimpses of my children in these teenagers that live in my house, and it helps me cope wiht their moods better. ” i dread adolescence…

  2. When he turned six, Owen decided he was too old to hold my hand. Over the past 7 months I’ve mostly gotten used to it, but when he does slip his hand into mine, I want to sing.

    I love that you wrote down these moments. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Two very sweet moments.

    I love it when the twins take my hand. Though I constantly have the thought, “What if this is the last time! What if they grow too cool to hold my hand?” Which makes me think I should hold my mother’s hand the next time we’re on a walk. Perhaps she misses it, too.

  4. My kids are still pretty little so I am blessed that I still get to hold their hands a lot – nevertheless holding their hands fills my heart up every single time.

  5. My girl is the touchy-feely sort, so I think she’ll always want physical contact. At least I hope so, as I spend several minutes a week telling her to please get off me for one minute!

    How nice that you got the impromptu voluntary contact from both kids this week! You should probably go play the lottery…

  6. I still love when one of the boys reaches for my hand and makes me feel like a “mommy” and “protector”.
    I love thinking that even in the years beyond these that they will still reach for me. My heart melted all over this post. <3

  7. How sweet! Your children are so lucky to have a relationship with you where they feel close enough to hold your hand. My mom and I are that way still…I’ll never get too old to hold her hand!


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