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Closing Time

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End.

We have a newly minted middle-schooler in our home, as Tessa closed out her elementary school career last week, marked by her school’s Continuation Ceremony. The last month or so has been a mashup of transition meetings, girl drama, growing pains, anxiety anticipation, and, of course, shopping for the appropriate Continuation dress.

After the Continuation Ceremony, our family previewed Summer Nights at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. While waiting for the Laserium show to start (the Pink Floyd Laserium experience is very different being a teen versus having a teen), we walked the environs of City Park. I gasped when I noticed Tessa anew in all her free-spirited glory.

Still in her Continuation dress, here’s my girl. My spontaneous, growing-up, beautiful girl who has a few endings behind her, but so many new beginnings yet to be experienced. In this moment she is open and ready to face it all.

Urban angel

Teen against iconic Denver skyline

Are you experiencing any transitions at this time? Does it feel more like a closing time or an opening time?

31 thoughts on “Closing Time”

  1. So beautiful. You need to give her a copy of that picture to carry with her at all time. To look at when she isn’t feel confident and remember how she felt in that moment to bring herself back there.

  2. Love the photos, the sentiment, and the quote. That’s from a Green Day song, I believe. My daughters are 20 and 26…it’s so awesome to see them all fly (I just wish they’d fly a little closer to home). Congrats to all of you.

  3. This is so beautiful, Lori! My 10yo isn’t quite there yet, but I’m noticing many of these closing and opening moments with her too. Wonderful post –

  4. Beautiful picture and a beautiful girl! She does look like she’s so happy and ready for middle school.
    Our last day is tomorrow; definitely feels like a closing…I’ll leave it at that.

  5. “I gasped when I noticed Tessa anew in all her free-spirited glory.”
    I gasped when I read this. Beautiful girl. So glad that I’ve met her. She is soooo grown up.

  6. Love these pictures! I hope Tessa enjoys middle school and the girl drama stays at a minimum (and that she’s mostly an observer rather than being forced to be a participant).

  7. Wow, it’s hard to believe she is a middle schooler now!! Love the Lori, she has an AWESOME mom!! Can’t wait to read more posts.love you!

  8. These are amazing pictures! So free of worries… I hope she holds onto that feeling as long as possible.

    We are in-between time at the moment. Stagnant-feeling yet supposedly moving forward in some fashion.

  9. Um, you realize I’ve had Closing Time in my head since I read this post right when it went up. I feel like you own me something for that… 😉

    Gorgeous pics of your daughter. Just breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing. Just looking at those make me feel fill of hope, and free…

  10. Lol we did the Moody Blues with the grandkids. They didn’t get it.
    Your daughter is beautiful and it looks like she has a beautiful spirit as well.
    I have 3 adult daughters and 6 granddaughters. The drama will lessen, eventually.

  11. Aw, congratulations to your gorgeous daughter and to you. I adore the photo of her facing what’s next! Tucker’s preschool graduation ceremony is next week and I can’t believe it’s already here. Cheers to us riding the waves of transitions and amazing kids.

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