Yesterday was the first day of school for Tessa and Reed. It came so early that we had to leave our family reunion three days ahead of the rest of our clan.

Tessa had some difficulty letting go of my hand yesterday morning to join her first grade class, but a crow bar was found and we were finally pried apart right after the opening ceremonies.

Yes, it was heartbreaking for me to leave her there, screaming and pleading, but yoga class was calling and I mustered the courage and the zen.

The principal later told me that 15 minutes into the day, Tessa was laughing and enjoying herself immensely. She could hardly wait to get to school this morning.

Here’s my fashion gal yesterday. This girl packs the attitude, doesn’t she?

I’ve never considered Tessa especially, um, organized. But look what she did last night after I put her to bed. She got herself ready for the morning by doing this:

I especially like the Hannah Montana CD in place of Tessa’s head. And the panda purse.

I guess I really shouldn’t peg her to one place. She is very organized, just in ways I may not always recognize.

Reed, also true to form, took it all in stride. He gave me a big kiss and joined his kindergarten class, high-fiving his friends from preschool. When I picked him up, he said school was fine, but he wished he could play more. He then spent the afternoon playing with his best friend, Liam. For them, school is just an interlude between sword fights.

Here they are yesterday. (And here they are the same day last year.)

So after a free-wheeling summer, we now have Routine again. Woot!


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15 thoughts on “Firsts”

  1. Oh, yes. I always loved coordinating my new outfits for the first week of school.I’m so excited for them. Sad for you, but hey! More time for yoga!

  2. I just remembered to come back here. I was so distracted by those damn m&ms. Your school starts so early! I do love the CD as a head shot.

  3. Oh yay! I saw the post in my Google Reader and was hoping we’d get some fashion pics, and you did not disappoint. It was always the best thing about starting school – that first day wardrobe. I’m glad that all went well in the end…

  4. How darling–love the laying out of the clothes!! She’ll appreciate that pic some day, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh the first day of school! I can’t even begin to think about Lily going. I’ll want to stay with her all day:) I’ll be THAT mom:)

  6. What a lovely post, Lori! The pictures are beautiful! It got me so jazzed over “back to school” time and (maybe.. just maybe if we get placements real quick like) I may get to be part of that ritual this year, as well. Oh man, now I’m ready for the leaves to start turning, crock pot chili and football to be in full swing (especially after this cool down we’ve had!).Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Oh the first day of school.Thank you for taking me into your world with your beautiful children… I’m so sad that Drama 2B Mama has reached its end…now I have to read it over from the beginning!Pam

  8. can I tell you how much I love this post?! I love tessa’s attitude in pic1, but the way she laid out her clothes is just too awesome. wow. I remember doing that the night before school started, but I don’t think I was that neat, or cool. too cool for school, she is. and reed is just too darling with his buddy, in both pics! love it. hope you are enjoying more time for you!

  9. So glad to hear all went well with Tessa afterall! (and, yeah, crimany but you guys start school EARLY!) And, I love-love that adorable picture of the boys. How sweet. =)

  10. My Jess did what Tessa did for a month,, you can do it mom.. it well all be ok I promise.. hugs and kisses. Ani

  11. Love the photos! GREAT plaid pants. I used to love picking out just the right outfit for the first day of school (even up until grad school). And I love the image of you dropping the kids off at school and heading to yoga class — i’m jealous.A-freakin-dorable.

  12. Lori, I’ve loved reading your blogs the last few days and this one from Friday about the first day of school made me a little weepy! Tiger and Ana are starting in September and the photo of Tess’ clothes all laid out, was just like my little gal! So cute!

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