Show & Tell: My view

Earlier this week I posted about The View. Now, for Show & Tell, I’m posting MY view:


Yes, it’s been sun-derful. And one-derful.

Beautiful and warm and wonderful as it has been, by the time this posts, I’ll be on my way home to the truly beautiful and cozy and wonderful.

* I love my job.

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17 thoughts on “Show & Tell: My view”

  1. Wish I was there right now. I need a day on the beach. I would have skipped out on the meetings and just read a book on the sand 🙂

  2. Yay for the beach! Down in Fl we can do the beach almost year-round, and over on the coast you’re on, it’s so much more peaceful! Looks like you enjoyed it! 🙂

  3. That looks beautiful! I’m honestly not a beach person, but I do like to daydream about relaxing in the sun like that.

  4. Oh I love St. Pete’s Beach! I went there a while ago on a work retreat. It was hard to get much accomplished while looking at the ocean from a conference room.

    Enjoy the sand and the sunshine!

  5. I love the pictures of the beach! It looks like you did some work and some relaxing. Good for you!

    I got to spend more time with your kids and Roger…but I missed spending time with you!

  6. Awesome pics. Makes me want to get right on down to Dahab again, miss it already. Hope you had a safe trip back home. xoxo

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