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I’m a writer and words are the tools of my craft.

But they fail when trying to describe something like BlogHer10.  So I resort to using them in bullets, also not quite adequate. I offer here a mosaic of the people that made the conference so heady for me. In no particular order:

  • The blogger who brought me the most perfect gift from the farthest away: Eden (Addendum: Her sister is equally awesome.)
  • The blogger I will not meet again without a box of tissue: AureliaCotta (Reference.)
  • The blogger who let Tessa get a hold of her camera: Calliope
  • The blogger I was most likely to ditch the conference for in lieu of a Starbucks booth: Mel
  • The blogger with the most interesting hair, a connector extraordinaire: Kristin
  • The blogger I have the most experience rooming with: Sheri (Reference: she’s my sister.)
  • The blogger I traveled across the country to sit with even though we live 5 mile apart: JoAnn
  • The blogger who forgave me for mixing up her faux name with her daughter’s celestial name: Dora
  • The blogger whom I wished I’d visited a bridge with (Brooklyn? Manhattan?): Baby Smiling (Reference.)
  • The blogger with a smile that lights up the dark end of a hotel bar, and who just makes me feel good: Kir
  • The blogger who was influential in helping me to understand the complexity that is adoption: Claudia
  • The bloggers who welcomed me into their Bird of a Feather lunch conversation: Grown in My Heart (Michelle, Judy, Tonggu Mommma, Kristin, Marcie, Christine, Carrissa)
  • Did I overlook you? Let me know! My brain is still mushy with the travel and the catch-up.

Photos I’ve stolen from here and there:

W & Calliope, taken by Tessa!(from Calli)

Me, Eden, Mel, KateyPie at SparkleCorn (from Mel)

Sheri, me, Kristin wearing the purple at The People's Party (from Kristin)

Kir & me at ALI lunch (from Kir)

The fabulous ALI bloggers (from Eva)

BlogHer10 was fine, but THESE were the moments I came for.

28 thoughts on “BlogHer downloaded”

  1. You’re so….TALL! Good Night…I guess I figure the entire world is 5’2 like me! 😉

    I’m hoping that someday I get to hug some of those same people too!

  2. I come up to your chin. How cute.

    It was great meeting you. And your gorgeous, charming children. I have to get to my own post, but damn it, my employer wants me to actually work!

  3. oh Lor!!! I had the best time just hugging you. It was wonderful to have your “aura” around me and I really wish you lived next door, I’d be over a lot. LOL

    but the hug we shared was just what I needed to keep me smiling until we meet again. You make me smile everday just being you!!!


  4. I am so glad I’m not the only one at a loss to express what BlogHer meant to me. I am just overwhelmed by the experience. Did you know that you were the first person I couldn’t wait to meet that I ran into? You and Sheri are so lovely and it felt so good to give you a big hug.

  5. And what would your bullet point be from the others you met, I wonder. Chime in Lav Luz Lovers!

    Mine would be * The blogger who ALWAYS makes me laugh and cry and think and smile. The one I’m most proud to know.

  6. Hey Lori,
    Thanks for the mention! It was WONDERFUL to finally meet you! And congrats on the honors from Parenting and BlogHer. Well deserved.

  7. I love seeing all these recap posts and hearing what each of you experienced! Ill be hugging you in person someday, my friend–watch out 🙂

  8. I had a GREAT time at BlogHer…and especially liked rooming with you (and not being at the YMCA). 🙂

    I was SO proud of seeing your name in Parenting Magazine and really enjoyed meeting your bloggy friends.

    Thanks for a great conference and a wonderful vacation with our families!

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