Perfect Moment Monday: HE WENT TO JARED’S

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Regarding the title: well, kinda sorta.

Fifteen years ago when I proposed to Roger, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on wedding stuff. Instead we wanted to shoot our wad backpacking for a month through Greece and Turkey. So we economized on my engagement and wedding rings.

See, there had been a past, uh, relationship on my part, one that involved a ring with a small diamond. When I was 21, a boy asked me to marry him. It did not occur to me to say no (I thought marriage was what you did after college).

The ring was so pretty and the boy was so charming. The “no” became clear a couple of years later, at which time I was sad I had to stop wearing the ring. It stayed in a box in my drawer for many years, a literal hidden gem.

Fast forward to my true Mr Right. He was, in fact, SO right that he didn’t mind if I recycled my cherished ring. If fit in with our plans to not go overboard with “stuff,”and to invest more in the marriage than in the wedding.

So we took the setting (on the right) and added a beautiful lavender tanzanite, and voilà — engagement ring. Then we took the small diamond and added a band (with one to match his), and voilà — wedding ring (on the left). They were simple and beautiful and suited me.

We had always talked (and by “we” I mean “I”) about getting me a fancier ring for our 5th anniversary, to honor the kids we’d surely have.

Well, the 5th went by and the 10th went by and darn if kids aren’t expensive. Other priorities came up and it didn’t seem appropriate to spend on my wants rather than my family’s needs.

Now the 15th anniversary looms later this year. The stars aligned recently for me to get a ring to celebrate this stage of my life, so I mySELF went to Jared’s to see what they had. I wasn’t impressed.

I found an online jeweler that allowed me to design a ring with diamonds (tiny) for Tessa’s birthmonth and amethysts for Reed’s. In addition, their names are etched onto faces of the band, like this sample (which has sapphire stones):

This is my new bling, which honors my family, and makes me feel perfectly loved.

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35 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: HE WENT TO JARED’S”

  1. That is SO lovely. I have been trying to find a locket that I can use to commemorate my own family, but it’s been next to impossible.

    I think all jewelry should have a story to pass along.

  2. love it. 🙂 your engagement band looks somewhat like mine.

    Husband can’t stand the Jared commercials.

  3. Beautiful! That suits you and was well worth the wait. 🙂

    I love that it is personalized to your family.


  4. That is so gorgeous, wow I mean gorgeous. What makes it perfect ot what it signifies, just brilliant. Love it!

  5. Mine is also twisty like your wedding band. It was purchased half with my money and half with a windfall that DH came across. Fun story; ask him to tell it sometime.

    Good work on the new acquisition!

    Also your hands look great. Have you considered hand modeling as a side gig?

  6. I love it so enormously. It is gorgeous and it looks fantastic on your hand. I hope it makes you smile every time you look at it.

  7. That is a great story. I love the new ring. What a wonderful heirloom. I designed a ring for a diamond that was my husband’s grandma. It feels so nice to wear that knowing the history and that I helped design it. I will only wear for awhile as we plan on giving it to Min man someday.

  8. That is beautiful! As much as I adore my engagement/wedding ring (which hubby chose all by himself), I think it would someday be nice to have something a bit more representative of the life and the family that be have built together. You? Have AWESOME taste!

  9. How pretty! We went the same route for our wedding and my wedding/engagement ring is a plain platinum band. This has always bothered my husband a bit and so he bought me a ring when Nora was born. It’s nice to have some new bling every now and then:).

  10. The title of this post made me laugh, but the content is so beautiful! Not the least of which is that gorgeous ring. Congratulations!

  11. I, too, was thinking you could hand model! You have always had beautiful hands. Now you can sass them off with your new, gorgeous, purple ring!

  12. I love the ring you designed SOOOOOOOO much. And I love that you were able to use your old ring for your new love. Fantastic.

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