Wordless Wednesday: Generations

My grandparents and my son.

My mom and I took my kids on a day-trip down memory lane yesterday, to the town where Mom grew up, where my sisters and I made hundreds of visits to our grandparents’ house over the years, and, coincidentally, where my son was born. We told a lot of stories on the drive, mostly happy ones.

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Generations”

  1. Wow!

    I get your posts as emails, but the picture didn’t show up in the message.

    So I wasn’t expecting your photo to be of a headstone with your son.

    I love it though. Cemeteries have never scared me, I have always found them to be peaceful places.

    Glad you had such a nice and nostalgic visit.

  2. Love it! I am not afraid of cemeteries either — seems like no family vacation is complete without tramping around a cemetery in search of some ancestor or another. ; )

    I have a photo from a family reunion about 10 years ago, taken at one of the cemeteries where many of our relatives are buied. It’s of my uncle, one of his sons (my cousin) and HIS son, standing beside a big granite marker for my/our great-great grandparents. The graves of my great-grandparents are to the side of that marker. We had scattered some of my grandfather’s ashes on this site, and my cousin’s son was also wearing an old fishing hat that had belonged to my grandpa. So the photo represented six generations of men from my family, all with the same last name. : )

  3. A corner of my grandparents’ house stands neglected and ignored. I on the other hand always gaze fondly on it because I see the moments I have had in those corners as a kid.

    Glad your children and you took the trip…and there was such a pleasant recounting of the old days…

    Nostalgia is a pleasant thing to fall back on.

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