2 thoughts on “The Year of the Luz 2013”

  1. My year was…meh, at best. And making it worse is that one of my coworkers discovered that ‘meh’ is an actual (sort of) word and now tries to use it ironically. This is not helping my “people suck” stance to improve at all. I’m hoping 2014 has much better things to offer…

  2. 2013-the year you have birth to your incredible book. What an amazing achievement. I’m so proud of you for creating something so important for the community that you love so much. What a truly monumental accomplishment.

    2013 was actually a really good year for me and my family. I can’t really have asked for anything more…and yet it was also one if the most difficult. I’m still trying to reconcile that paradox. I suppose life is complicated like that. I mean to write a post on it some day. I hope I do.

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