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Writer Lori Holden on 9News

The Time a 9News Crew Came to My House

Last week TaRhonda Thomas, a 9News reporter from Denver’s NBC affiliate station, along with cameraman Matt, interviewed me in my home. Apparently I did a terrible job hiding my love of purple.

Writer Lori Holden on 9News

The interview was part of a piece that featured Amber Johnson, my editor at (which, incidentally, is seeking new contributors).

So come on in to my living room (and Amber’s back porch).


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17 Responses

  1. Gee, you hide your love of lavender so well! *grin*

    Excellent interview! Of course, I cringed a bit when I heard that Amber’s been doing this for ten years. Coincidentally, today is my 10 year blogiversary, and I’m still trying to find my audience… but at least I know there’s hope… 😀

  2. You did a great interview! I would have been sweating profusely. I loved seeing your blog floating in the news screen. And that outfit was awesome… I love the purple swirly pants! Congrats on a great interview.

  3. We know each other’s inner voices by blogging, but not our actual, spoken voices, so it is so lovely seeing you and hearing you.

    It’s probably the kiwi feminist in me, but the reporters emphasis on the words “mommy bloggers” really grated. (Even if I was one, I am 99% sure I would hate the term! ) It feels condescending (whereas parent bloggers wouldn’t), and doesn’t seem to give credit to the amazing work you do here.

  4. Wow! Beautifully done … I wish that they’d featured your voice even more … you temper the host’s potentially consumerist-sounding (and I hate that term “mommy blogger”) comments about blogging with some important notes about spirit and passion. 🙂

  5. Great interview! Your voice and presence was calm and sincere! Excellent job! (Loved the close ups of your blog and “open adoption” too!)

  6. Yes, I concur. I wanted to take a shot every time she said mommy blogger. I would have preferred woman’s issues which include parenting and family issues. I wanted to hear more about you, they didn’t actually say adoption, they just showed it You did a great job!

  7. That is so cool 🙂 Though they make “mommy bloggers” sound like an exotic animal. They keep pausing on the word as if they’re talking about a magical being. Well, YOU are a magical being, but… I mean… the rest of us.

  8. That was so funny to me – the contrast between the SUPER HIGH ENERGY features reporter….the VERY ENTHUSIASTIC Amber…and then there’s calm, cool Lori. You make blogging seem more accessible to introverts sitting at home who would shy away from those other kinds of people. I think you took a light report and made it more legitimate. You seem to be saying, “Mommy blogging? Sure, if that’s what you want to call it. I call it sharing my authentic self with the world at large.”

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