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Adoption Summit Experience: You’re Invited & It’s FREE

National Adoption Awareness Month is almost here. I, along with several others who are passionate about improving the state of adoption and helping to heal those living in it, have put together something special for you: The Adoption Summit Experience.

adoption summit experienceFrom a recent press release:

Tuesday October 20, 2015 (Los Alamos, NM):

Question: What do you get when you bring together adult adoptees with parents by birth and adoption to talk about their relinquishment and adoption experiences, family building practices and views on needed legislative reform?   Answer: Usually an assortment of passionate opinions, raw emotions, misunderstandings and “unfriending” on Facebook.

But something different is coming during November, National Adoption Month, this year. Adoptee and former foster parent LeAnne Parsons has teamed up with birth/first mother Ashley Mitchell to assemble an impressive collaboration of speakers for a free online seminar called “Come Climb With Us: the 2015 Adoption Summit Experience.”

From the comfort of your own home and at your leisure starting November 10, you can hear from movers and shakers from all parts of the adoption constellation — adoptees, first parents, and adoptive parents — people who wear other hats like activist, author, researcher, therapist, reformer, coach, radio host, musician, social worker, yogini (yes, another yogini!), search angel, executive, etc.

The event is free but you must register to gain access.

A message from host LeAnne Parsons (1 minute):

I hope you’ll join us at the summit!


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7 thoughts on “Adoption Summit Experience: You’re Invited & It’s FREE”

  1. What an amazing lineup! I plan to share this on Facebook, for my friends who have been affected by adoption in some way. Thanks, and best of luck with this, Lori!

  2. For folks who registered for this, I’d like to put in a plug for Angela Tucker in the bonus materials.

    Besides the fact that she’s the daughter of friends of mine and we were involved in the same adoption support group, she is giving voice to the current generation of young adult adoptees.

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