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  1. This one is more fun to contemplate! 🙂

    I think what makes a good life is autonomy (feeling like you have some control over your circumstances) and meaningful work (work that you believe has meaning and that you take pride in, whether that’s raising kids, running a business, or digging ditches).

  2. What do I think makes for a good life?

    Love, people, family, travel, books, creative occupations, love. But uppermost, the ability to connect .. to feel .. to be sincere with one another and myself.

    … Oh,, and then there’s Hawaiian coffee, running, Trader Joe’s fresh bruschetta, Aero beds for guests, hummingbirds, orchids. And love.

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  5. I honestly think that what makes for a good life is the knowing that you have one. Time is fleeting as are memories, but to stand in the now with gratitude and humility for the things one has in her life that matter most to her, that is a good life.

  6. The essence of a good life: feeling that what you have done makes the world a better place. More love, more kindness, more beauty.

    Most important is having people who truly enjoy spending time with you…. And who are delighted that you are there… And having people around you that you really love to be with. Family and friends. Sharing laughter and true feelings.

    Living a good life means finding a job you enjoy, being able to work really hard and see the positive results of your work. Planning for your future, with someone you love, and accomplishing your goals.

    Eventually being able to travel, and see the world.

  7. A good life means being surounded by people you love and who love you. It means being able to provide for your family and, at least occassionally, help others out. It means love, laughter, truth, and passion.

  8. Love of family and friends. A good balance between the things you have to do and the things you like to do. Learning. Freedom. Recognition of the good things. And, obviously, gelato. And chocolate. And butter.

  9. I think treating others like you to would like to be treating… speaking to others like you also would like to be spoke to…. and so on…. doing the right thing even when you don’t want to…. giving of yourself brings rewards and blessing enriching your life thus making it a good life 🙂

  10. Family and friends, honest work with a balance of leisure, a sense of belonging and usefulness, enough physical health and well being to carry your own burdens most of the time, enough abundance to meet all of your needs, a few of your wants, and a few of the needs of others.

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  12. This is a very good question. One that I have been pondering a lot lately. I think a good life = a happy life. By that I mean maximizing feeling happy But is that a state of mind or based on outside events / people?.

    It is easier to be happy when life is going the way you would like (decent job, enough money, good friends, enough free time to enjoy them . . .) but I think there is the choice to be happy and there is the physiology to be happy (just wired that way, getting enough exercise, good eating habits, enough sleep)

  13. A good death – peace, the knowledge that your family is loved and secure.

    Preferably a quick death in your sleep. Knowledge (for me) that there is an afterlife.

  14. I LOVE all of the answers above and for me I’d add a connection to the Divine source (not only having it, but realizing that I have it all of the time).

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