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art therapy red orange yellow

Art Therapy

In an uncommon turn of events I’m going all artsy-craftsy on you.

Once in awhile I visit a local pottery painting studio and make a simple design with simple colors and try not to be too perfectionistic about it.

art therapy red orange yellow

This latest series, a set of stained-glass-style switchplates, has taken several years to complete. But with my visit last month to the studio with BabySmiling, I got the last piece finished.

art therapy yellow green blue

As you know, I’m fond of the colors of the chakras (sames as the colors of the rainbow), so for five of the switchplates I juxtaposed two chakra colors. For the sixth, I used blacks, whites, and in-betweens.

art therapy blue purple black white

While it’s not billed as therapy, this activity brings me to a place of quietude and creativity while I’m painting. The end products bring me happiness when I see them around my home.

Have you tried any sort of art therapy? What is that like for you?

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13 Responses

  1. These are beautiful.

    Around the time of my ectopics and infertility efforts, I tried painting. After a while, I realised that it brought some peace, as I concentrated on the visual, letting my mind rest. I haven’t done it in a long time, though I’ve been meaning to try again.

  2. I sometimes struggle to let my mind rest, especially in times of anxiety. I’d love to see your play (I was going to say “work”) from either then or now if you ever care to share.

  3. Love your switchplates, & the colours! I used to scrapbook, & while there was part of me that enjoyed it, I also found I used to stress out over it too (getting everything perfect…!).

    Say hello to Baby Smiling; I hope she & her family are doing well! 🙂

  4. Fun! And a beautiful addition to the decor! We sometimes go paint pottery – my daughter loves it. I enjoy it too, except for the acquisition of more stuff that I don’t need. If only our local place offered wall switches that would fit our lighting…

    I love doing crafty stuff – at our last house, I took on the project of making stained glass windows for the sidelights on our front door. It was fun, and only a little grinding of the window frame was required. I also knit and crochet, but only when it’s cold, or my hands get all sweaty. My friend and I occasionally go out for the painting and drinking classes. I’m going to have to find more specific projects to donate, because I like making stuff, but I don’t like keeping stuff.

    1. Note: I do not need a class on drinking. I attained expert level in college, but have dropped back to amateur by choice. 🙂

  5. Love the switchplates! I love the colors, the geometric stained-glass look, the chakra connection…and the art therapy piece. I just don’t enjoy painting, but I do love coloring and doing rubber stamp thingies like cardmaking, but not scrapbooking for the reasons Loribeth mentioned! 🙂 I do consider my garden an art form of sorts, and it’s my favorite kind of therapy. I’m so glad your work makes you happy as you go around your house and see them daily!

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