What I’m Watching, Reading, Supporting

Film: Black or White

I watched the Colorado premiere of Kevin Costner’s new film Black or White last night at the  the Colorado Foster Care and Adoption Film Festival.

I loved this film. I loved how these nuanced, flawed people tried to overcome their either/or tendencies to embrace a both/and paradigm for the girl who joined them together. Jillian Estell as Eloise is luminous.

Kudos to the Colorado Department of Human Services and its Office of Children, Youth & Families  for such a successful event. Please please check out waiting children on COHeartGallery.org and consider supporting other luminous kids in any way you can.

Book: You by Caroline Kepnes

simon & schuster book youConsidering I spent almost all my free time this weekend reading You, I’d say I’m obsessed with it. I can’t yet say for certain that I’ll like the middle and the end, but the beginning has me thinking about the story even while I’m going about my day. You is written in the second person and is creepy in the way that Gone Girl was. In fact, if I have any criticism so far, it’s that the book seems to be trying hard to be Gone Girl.

Still, it’s different enough that I keep reading to find out what happens next, how far the characters will go. I think I’ll be wanting to discuss this with, um, You as I turn the pages.


What are you watching, reading, supporting?


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Kevin Costner image in social media mentions via Georges Biard [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons.
Book image via Simon & Schuster.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Watching, Reading, Supporting”

  1. I am so hormonal: I started crying through that preview. And I don’t even like Kevin Costner! But wow, Octavia Spenser was wonderful.

    This is my first hearing of YOU. Um… going to go Google this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I also wept through the trailer. It reminded me how thankful I am for the beautiful and diverse community surrounding and supporting our family (and none of them are afraid to give their suggestions). Generally, I don’t watch much of anything and I’m currently reading the Narnia series aloud to my sons.

  3. Ha, I’m with Mel in that I can’t stand Kevin Costner, but this movie looks terrific. I cry every time I see the trailer. And YOU! That sounds great…and the cover is intriguing, not that I’m judging by that… Second person is so tricky to execute well but when done right, is amazing. I have to go download this onto my kindle, thanksalot, NonSequitorChica for showcasing the cheapness… 😉
    I just finished The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon and it was SO GOOD and super creepy. I highly recommend. Warning, there are miscarriage/baby loss triggers, but I did not find it central. Actually, there’s a lot of loss in it but I found it a fast and engaging read. I would like to go see Cake whenever it is playing in Rochester, NY. We seem to get everything later than everywhere else.
    Love the recommendations!

  4. We just finished watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones. My husband keeps harassing me to get Season 2. But I need to read the book first and those books are long! Oh well, I guess I don’t have to read the whole thing first. We also watched Wish I Was Here, which was OK. I will also be watching The Hundred-Foot Journey – I read the book and liked it well enough.

    I’m reading a whole bunch of things, but none of them are really grabbing my attention. So, I’ve just requested You from the library.

    I supported a game on Kickstarter – it was my first Kickstarter contribution, so that was exciting.

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