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gno wine and canvas

Going Rogue. Or is that Rouge?

I needed a night out. There had been stressors at home, stressors in the classroom, stressors elsewhere.  Nothing major; just relentless. A few hours away from it all would be just the ticket.

My Vino Support Group (VSG) showed up for a girls night out at one of those painting and wining places. Joining us at Painting With a Twist were my fellow MileHighMamas writers Gretchen and Ratna.

gno girls night out denver
The bunny-ear bomber was quite cool, and a good artist.

Obviously, we had a blast. Not only did I get to hang out with friends, but I got to turn a blank canvas into something pretty (well, not hideous) and bebop to good music at the same time. All while sipping Apothic Red (do you love it, too? what the heck is in that to make it so good?).

gno wine and canvas
How I started my canvas.

We were supposed to make a blue moon.

gno blue moon painting
Love these women.

But I went pink. Rouge.

I got home late but refreshed. A gal needs a night out once in a pink moon, right?

(More pix on my Instagram stream.)


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11 Responses

  1. That looks like such a good time! Why has the past few weeks been so stressful? I feel like everyone I talk to has had a crap couple of weeks. 🙁 I’m glad this was balm for your soul, and I love that your painting is different than everyone else’s.

  2. Look at you, going off the map. Good for you.

    I’d like to try the painting portion. The wine… not so much. But I’m totally into the paint.

  3. I love that your moon is rouge. And I’m glad you took a night to recharge. We all need to do this (I’m especially bad at doing so), but your red moon is a reminder why.

  4. I love your pink moon!

    My favorite thing to do on a night out is paint! I get so into it that it completely erases my brain of my troubles for a few hours.

  5. Such a rebel! I love those painting events. There’s an arts center that does one in the empty store front that’s next to/part of a fancy restaurant near us. So, if you go to the painting event, you get to order food from the restaurant without waiting hours for a table – it’s an awesome deal! 🙂

    Glad you got to have a refreshing night out. I think I’ve tried the Apothic red, and it’s not bad. My friend keeps buying Simi Cabernet and it’s yummy – you should try that one.

  6. I really want to try one of those painting & wine nights out sometime; they sound like so much fun. 🙂 And I love your colour choice. If a moon can blue, why not pink too? 😉

  7. Love this … it speaks volumes about who you are. 🙂 I’ve never been to one of those painting parties, but they do seem like fun! I went to an artist talk today with this woman ( who makes finger-painted art. It’s amazing. Maybe one of these places should try it!

    (Thanks, BTW, for coming by and making me feel at home in my own house again.)

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