The Grown Up Room

grown up roomI was teaching map-making to my 1st grade Geography class. After drawing a map of my own house on the board, complete with a legend indicating bedrooms, backyard, and the titter-inducing bathrooms, I instructed each of the students to create a map of their houses.

They were eager to do so, making good use of the card stock and washable markers I’d set on the center of each knee-high table. The students worked hard to re-create from their minds the way they viewed their homes.

As first-graders will do, each one quivered with excitement to share their work with me.

Here are Johnny’s bunk beds. Here is Kayleigh’s mud room, where the backpacks get hung. Here’s how Sam’s room connects with his brothers (through the — titter — bathroom). And see this? It’s Tasha’s trampoline in the backyard.

One common feature of nearly every house was a TV room. But Alissa’s explanation of hers is what merits this post:

And this is our TV room. It’s where my sister and I watch TV while my parents have their Grown Up Meetings over here [points to master bedroom].

I could not tell if Alissa’s pronouncement of “Grown Up Meetings” had quotation marks around it.


Image from Freepik from, licensed by CC BY 3.0


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22 thoughts on “The Grown Up Room”

  1. I am just laughing and laughing over here. Love those kids and their frankness. Love all the creative ways parents find to stay…er…connected while managing the hectic life of a family. 🙂

  2. My kids’ (ex)daycare teacher who was a devout Muslim used to say to me, “Your kids tell lots of family secrets” and then she would giggle. We have always been very open and honest and free in our house so I couldn’t bare to ask her exactly what they were divulging to this woman!

  3. oh my goodness what a riot! A few years back when my 10yo was about five, my parents called. It was a lazy Sunday morning. My husband was in the shower and I had just gotten out and was blow-drying my hair. So we were both in the bathroom upstairs. My daughter answered the phone and when asked where her parents were, she responded “Oh they’re just upstairs doing what they need to do.”

    I died. (and so did my parents)

  4. Ha ha. One of my favorite things when I was little – my mom would give us paper and we would create our own homes (complete with indoor bowling alleys, pools, horse stables in the basement….) imagination of what could be I suppose.

  5. Lol! I remember years ago having the four year old tell me about how he had recently found his parents naked on the kitchen floor. Maybe they should have put him in front of the TV.

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