5 thoughts on “Answer me this 24: Homo Sapiens”

  1. Yes. I love the quote on the Molecular Biology Building at Iowa State University: “Human beings are not yet wise enough to direct the course of evolution.” Everything is constantly changing, regardless of whether or not we have the benefit of looking back and seeing it from thousands of years from now.

  2. As for “in what ways?” Too many to count. Physically, wisdom teeth are becoming unnecessary. I laugh when I picture the evolutionary chart of people walking up-right, and I fear that we’re headed toward a seated homo sapien in a computer chair. 😉

  3. Well, my husband would say that we’ve become soft. We’re incapable of surviving without our modern conveniences. I’m not sure I completely agree, but I do see his point.

    I see more of a devolution – we’re more educated and yet seem less intelligent overall. But then, I see the underside of society more than most…

  4. OK.. scientist in me coming out here, but in what ways to you mean? Do you mean socially? emotionally? Or in the scientific term of evolution as in, ACTUALLY physically evolve, which is really difficult for us to tell since it takes 1000’s of years if not more, and we mess with human survival so much, that I don’t know how that works with us now.

    1. I left the question wide open, as I usually do on the Answer-me-this series, because I want to hear not only the answers, but also a wide interpretation of the questions. Scientific minds will answer scientifically, social minds will answer socially, etc.

      So I would ask you to answer as a scientist, I suppose. Point taken about us not being able to notice geologic time because it’s so vast, but we can hazard our best guesses. What behaviors and traits are we developing that will help the species survive?

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