It’s confirmed. I am a disaster.

To find out why, read to the end.

Last night the Denver Museum of Nature & Science invited Mommy Bloggers to a sneak preview of their new exhibit, Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters.

The kids and I were greeted by Twitterer Tara (a hostess-with-the-mostest who allowed Tessa to carry her cell phone and who remained good-natured [punny, no?] as Reed dragged her from disaster to disaster). Curator and new blogger David Grinspoon joined us as well, sharing his expertise and enthusiasm for all things disastrous.

Rounding out our group were the families of GreebleMonkey, BugFrog (a/k/a Mr Shoulder Ride) and AMomintheBurbs. Would it surprise you that among the devastation, we grownups talked blogging?

It’s a fun exhibit for kids 8 and up. Tessa and Reed were all about the buttons. Buttons to create their own digital volcano. Buttons to shake two model buildings in an earthquake. Buttons to turn on video scenes (real and simulated) of Hurricane Katrina and the Indonesian Tsunami and tornadoes.

(In town and want to go? Click and print this $2 off coupon.)

Near the end of the exhibit, patrons are encouraged to fill out a form and hang it on a clothespin, The form is to document any catastrophes the patron has witnessed. I scanned a couple: Mount St Helens, tornado in Kansas, stranded in a blizzard, wildfires, actually paying to see Ishtar.

Reed was eager to practice his writing, so he picked up a form and asked me what he was supposed to write on it. I asked him: “What is the worst thing that has happened to you?”

He thought a moment and asked me to help him spell this:

“My mom blogs.”

I guess I’ll be signing off now.

23 thoughts on “It’s confirmed. I am a disaster.”

  1. That is hilarious!It also says something very good that he can’t think of anything worse in his whole life.

  2. OMG! Ishtar and “My mom blogs”, LMAO! That is so funny, just priceless. “My mom blogs”, what a Catastrophe!

  3. I’m sure my husband would like to write something similar! Quick bang when shutting the lap top as I hear the keys in the door! Speak honey. I’m all ears. Not distracted in the slightest!

  4. LOL!Hmmmmm, I wonder where that sense of humor comes from . . . :0)Though, really – if that is the worst catastrophe of his life, then, I’d say he’s doing ok!

  5. LOL, I wasn’t expecting that one! My 8 year old is always asking why I’m on the computer all the time so this could definitely be me one day!

  6. That is just too funny! Sounds like the kind of story that will have longevity in your family – something to tell his future partner to make him blush a little bit!

  7. That is so funny. We were there yesterday afternoon. I kind of wished they had an Imax to go along with it. I guess there is one opening today that kind of goes but not really. I think it’s about the Grand Canyon??

  8. “Paying to see Ishtar …”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Reed is so funny …. I expect he secretly loves you blogging, though! 🙂

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