It’s the Little Things

“Mom! At pre-school I got to visit the Treasure Box!”

“Really, Reed? What did you get?”

“I got this ring. It’s a very special ring.”

“What so special about it?”

“Well, this ring has the power to deSTROY the WORLD!”

“Wow. That’s some ring. How does it do that?”

“It explodes the WHOLE PLANET!”

“Really. Why would you want to do that?”

“I don’t. I just like having the power.”

“I’m glad we’re safe, then. Reed, what exactly saved the world from TOTAL DESTRUCTION?”

“Chicken nuggets. I love chicken nuggets too much to destroy them.”

9 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things”

  1. Geohde and Lea Bee, — I guess nuggets do have some redeeming qualities.Amy — your Destroyer and mine should get together to destroy/save the world!Furrow — he’d be a great leader. We’ll count on your vote, in about 40 years.

  2. Thank G-d for nuggets (on many levels)!This was so funny. Especially since yesterday The Snake became a “superhero” called The Destroyer!What is it about boys and destruction?

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