New life, per The Bloggess

At the BlogHer10 conference in August, I had my fortune told one night by a sassy-looking lady with an I Dream of Jeannie pony-tail who was sitting at a pink old-style typewriter. She would ask the name of the person at the front of the line, peer into her eyes and then furiously type just a few lines, haiku-ish. She’d rip off 2 inches of paper, sign and and slap a sticker on it.

I learned that the fortune-teller was the hilarious Jenny, The Bloggess.

Here’s what she said after taking a sip of her pink drink and gazing into my eyes. I think her words are a good way to usher in my new bloggy digs.

lori:old soul

new life

full of genuine awesomeness.

Thanks, Jenny. I’ve been told I’m full of many substances, but your version is one of my favorites.

15 thoughts on “New life, per The Bloggess”

  1. Sounds like a very wise Jeannie! I can almost see her crossing her arms, flipping her head forward, flopping her pony-tail forward and back and saying: Genuine Awesomeness!

    I agree!

  2. Lori, Have I told you how much I LOVE The new name for the blog…it’s just feels soooooo “RIGHT”

    and as for “genuine awesomeness” …well that is EXACTLY how I see you.

    HUGS ……love you and the new name!

  3. So excited for your new move and new name. As someone who recently went through the re-naming process…I can relate to the difficulty of it. It’s sort of like re-naming a child, no? Speaking of that, my son told me yesterday that he didn’t want to be called ‘Sam’ anymore, but he wanted to be called “Tate”…?…But I digress…

    I’m am your wish-chain ‘granter’. THough I can’t easily grant you your wish to publish a book, I’ll send you as much encouragement as I can right now: DO IT!!!! The world needs you approach and optimisim and realism. And I’ll put my prayers where my mouth is as well.

    Love ya,


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