Perfect Moment Monday: Par-tay!

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Here’s a perfect moment from my week. I hope you’ll share yours with us, too.

As time goes on, I notice that the vestiges of the trauma of infertility are fading. The pain is now far enough in my past that it almost feels it happened so someone else. In a way, it did. It happened to the person I used to be.

This week we celebrated a turn around the sun: Reed had his 6th birthday party. And although I didn’t know of him or meet him until a few weeks after he was born, his presence on this earth marks the anniversary of the fullness of my life.

We celebrated in a gym — 12 friends and a few family members, a rope to climb, an obstacle course to navigate, uneven bars on which to skin cats, balance beams to conquer, parachutes to puff up, ice cream to eat, presents to share.

I am so full of love for my son. For my good fortune. For moments like this.

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16 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: Par-tay!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Reed!Sunday was Monkey’s seventh. I love gym birthdays. Little Miss Monkey now has too many friends to be contained by a single party, so this past weekend we celebrated with her school friends (she invites the whole class), and the coming one is a gym party for kids she’s known for years cause they are kids of friends (and mostly Old Country Language speaking). Climbing rope swings, here we come!

  2. Sounds like my kind of party!Can you do that for your 34th? Happy birthday little Mr. Glad you’re feeling good Lori, you deserve it.

  3. I can feel the fullness of your love for your darling boy. so glad R had a happy birthday. and happy anniversary to you too.

  4. What a wonderful moment. I am inspired by your abilities to conquer the battle of infertility and to build a life in spite of it. I learned a lesson the last two weeks (much smaller scale of course) =) of which I could sulk in my distaste of ‘something’ or I can turn around and build off of it. I am opening my own online Etsy Shop in the coming weeks. I am really proud of myself for making a tasty margarita from a lemon dropped. =) have a wonderfully full week!….Hau’oli Lahanau (happy bday) to Reed. pronounced: How Oh Lee Lah Hah Now

  5. That looks so fun! I’m a bit concerned about the cat skinning, though. Happy birthday to Reed, and happy mothering to you.

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