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Perfect Moment Monday: Second Wind

This weekend we four suited up for a cause. We participated in the Second Wind Fund Walk/Run/Ride to benefit suicide prevention. We ralked (wan?) in memory of a family member and of my husband’s student.

(Should anyone want to retro-sponsor us, here is where you’d do so.)

I’ve had some dark times. In the past I’ve considered a permanent solution to what seemed to be a permanent problem.

But here I was on this beautiful end-of-summer day. Walking with the children I feared I’d never have. In tandem with a man I thought I might never meet. Using my very capable body to do all that I do, the same body that for years I acknowledged only its betrayal.

I texted our accomplishment to my parents and sisters, whose love for me during my entire life has been as firm as the earth and as infinite as the heavens. Roger, Tessa, Reed and I munched on delicious homemade goodies at the finish line and enjoyed people-watching, dogs, magicians, Clifford.

And I wrote this blog post in my head for you, my friends who share a passion for reading and writing and living.

Walking, loving, creating, eating, moving, connecting, breathing. Being alive is just so exquisitely perfect.


You know that dilemma that writers have? The one about being able to share their stories without revealing too much about other people’s stories?

Yeah, that.

I may or may not have experienced an additional perfect moment here.


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15 Responses

  1. What a great way to honor your loved one. Always surprised to find out how many of us are actually touched by suicide. Danny and I have both lost a family member this way and this summer while searching for an old college friend, I learned she had taken her life 8 years ago. It was difficult news to hear.

    Thank you for your tribute to treasuring life!

  2. the “family pic” brought tears to my eyes and reading that journal entry from 1998…well I was saying to myself…”that;s not my Lori, she’s sunshine and light and hope” and I guess what I felt, was…

    “wow, she’s just like me, there were days in her life that it didn’t all go the way she wanted”

    thanks for sharing all of this, for GETTING share it. That was indeed a PERFECT moment….seeing the fruits of a journey you might not have wanted to take.

    hugs my BEAUTIFUL friend.

  3. I was touched when I heard what you and your family were doing…in honor of a close family member.

    Being quite familiar with the specifics of the “other people’s stories” that you mentioned in your post, it was very important to me and to the boys that you did this.

    That it turned into a Perfect Moment for you, is, well…Perfect!

    That, in turn, became a Perfect Moment for me.

    Thank you!

  4. Good for you! I love the way you ended it esp. after reading your journal entry about when you wanted to die. I had missed that before.

    Life can get better. I too, sometimes thought about suicide. I am so glad I am alive today.

  5. That truly is a Perfect Moment! And the Perfect Moment of this post for me?

    “But here I was on this beautiful end-of-summer day… Using my very capable body to do all that I do, the same body that for years I acknowledged only its betrayal.”

    I needed that reminder today of the great capabilities of my body because I’ve been too focused on my body’s betrayal as of late.

    May the Perfect Moments keep on rollin’!

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