Perfect Moment Monday: For No Reason

A few weeks ago my mom gave me a just because gift. It wasn’t my birthday or Christmas or any other present-giving occasion. It was just that my mom was at a store and a ring (on sale at one of those stores at which, if you ever pay full price for anything, you are just not paying attention) called out to her saying, “Give me to Lori.”

yin yang ring

She did and I’ve been wearing it to yoga class ever since — my new yin yang ring (which is quite fun to say over and over. Try it.)

Whenever I look at my hand from downward dog, I think of how much my mommy loves me and knows me and loves to do little (and big) things that make me happy. I feel perfectly loved.

tao ring


Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

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21 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: For No Reason”

  1. Very nice ring, but I just love how much warm it gives you. What a sweet mom. And I love how she tapped into something she knows you are passionate about. Truly a Perfect Moment.


  2. Those are the best rings — and the best messages.

    Our Just Because cake has spawned an entire Summer of Cake. My friend and I decided to make cakes and eat them all summer. Just because. So much for the sugar ban.

  3. Awesome! Just because gifts are the best and this one does seem perfect for you! I imagine your mom also experienced a perfect moment this month giving it to you.

  4. It always makes me smile to receive unexpected gifts and know that those we love are thinking about us at random times. That makes the gift and the giver even more special.

    Such a lovely gift for a lovely lady!

  5. I found myself tearing up, reading this, feeling that you are so lucky to have a mom who knows you so well, who thinks of you this way, and who shows you that she’s thinking about you. It’s no wonder that you’re the kind of mom YOU are, too … and the amazing woman that I look up to so much. xo

  6. Thank you so much for sharing, I love the idea of Perfect Monday Moments, what an awesome way to gain some new perspective sitting right where we are! Your new ring is gorgeous.. what a sweet mama!

  7. I love that ring! It is so YOU! Your mama is awesome. I have an awesome mama, too. She does stuff like this frequently since she works at JC Penney and gets a nice discount, but it’s usually an armload of beige bras she bought for $1.41 each. Haha!

  8. I’ve been accused of not liking gifts and being ungrateful for them. The truth is I love gifts. I just prefer gifts that have a similar story to this one. Gifts that are thoughtful and simple and obviously perfect for me. I love a gift that made the giver think “I have to buy this for Catherine, I just have to.” And I love the giver who knows me so well and thinks of me even when I’m not around. That is the actual gift.

  9. I could have sworn I commented! I laughed when I was reading this because that ring is so you. Then I had to show Ian your site so he’d get it.

    I love that your mom saw something so perfect for you and grabbed it.

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